WIWS: Plaid, plaid, and bedhead

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Cecilia woke up this morning with the most incredible bedhead - I couldn't help but laugh when I walked into her room and she pulled the sheet off her head!  So I started combing her hair in the bathroom and we had the following conversation:

Cecilia:  Oh, I don't need my hair to be combed.  You already combed it wast night!
Me:  Well, we still want to comb your hair in the morning so that it looks nice for Jesus at Mass!
Cecilia:  Is Jesus in da bafwoom?
Me:  Well, I guess Jesus could be in the bathroom...
Cecilia:  And he watches over me at night!
Me:  That's right, and so does your guardian angel!
Cecilia:  Um, 'member when a angel comed to Mawwy?
Me:  Yup, I do!
Cecilia:  And den she had baby Jesus!!!

Much better than our usual bathroom conversations, I think...  I've got some other lovely quotes stored up for this Tuesday's link-up, so if your kids (or husband, or dog, or whomever) are hilarious, go ahead and share!  There are some serious gems in this past week's edition, so if you need a laugh check it out!

Moving on, here's what we wore to Mass:

John Paul started out with "praying hands" and then the moment I suggested he hold still he started doing a dance.  This kid...

That plaid blazer and striped bow tie kill me - every time he wears them to Mass all the old men go NUTS because they're so excited about how awesome he looks!  I had to pull him away from an elderly couple outside because he kept telling them all about how "It's the feast of Christ the King!!!"


Cecilia's in last year's Christmas dress, size 18-24 months...  And yes, now it finally fits perfectly!

I know you're shocked to see this scarf again!  And those boots!
Scarf:  Same old Forever 21 standby
Boots:  Again, same old same old...
Skirt:  J.Crew via Twice
Sweater:  Gap from at least college, maybe even high school...
Tights:  No idea
Hat:  Ebay?  Way back in college...
Hair:  Whoops, forgot to do anything about my bedhead...  Thank goodness for the hat!
Posture:  I don't even know why I'm sticking my stomach out...
Mass went about as well as expected - right now the biggest problem is to get the kids to stop picking their noses all. the. time.  Sigh.
Linking up with Fine Linen & Purple for my very favorite link-up - check out more outfits!


  1. My favorite part of this post is the progression of your facial expressions in the photo montage. Also the progression of Cecilia's thoughts :)

  2. I loooove your outfit! And oh my goodness...Cecilia and Therese really could be best friends!

  3. You look so cute! And I love the hat!

    1. Thanks! It always makes me happy when hat weather is back :)

  4. I love your green tights with the blue skirt and sweater. And, those are some adorable plaid kids.

    1. I'm such a sucker for plaid! I'm going to be really sad when John Paul outgrows that blazer...

  5. Lol I wear the same boots every week too!
    Your outfit and Cecilia's look smashing together. Coordinating without being too matchy-matchy:)

  6. You look great, Rosie- love the hat! And the kiddos look too cute in their plaid outfits. :)

  7. I love John Paul in the fourth one--what a fantastic move he's busting!

    1. You are going to be SO excited for all his new dance moves when you get here!!!

  8. very cute, Rosie. Everyone looks great!

  9. Great outfits!! I love plaid. You can't go wrong with plaid...unless you're Frances, and then you can go very, very wrong!

    1. Ha, Cecilia's absolute favorite article of clothing is her red plaid skirt, which she almost always pairs with a red, orange, and purple flowered shirt. Today John Paul chose her outfit and he picked the plaid skirt and a pink zebra striped top... Gotta love the pattern mixing :P


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