7 Quick Takes: Messy faces, book lists, and cupcakes!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Well, as much as I don't like random pictures of babies with messy faces...  The babies had their birthday party and had adorable messy faces!

We weren't even singing to Elizabeth at this point - she just LOVES the birthday song!

Elizabeth preferred the cake part, Mary Claire wasn't quite sure about the icing...

OH YES!!!  CAKE!!!

Um, I ate a little bit of cupcake with my frosting...

It's not supposed to go in my ear?

Now I know why I've never given cake with real icing for first birthdays...  John Paul had half a popsicle (Andrew was studying for the bar, give me a break!) and I made cake pops for Cecilia (uuuuugh so vile!  FAR too sweet!).  So yeah, the babies had baths before they opened presents.


How is it the end(ish) of November already?  Seriously, this month barely even happened...


Today is the feast of St. Cecilia!  So Cecilia gets to choose dinner, except every time I ask her what she wants she just wants whatever we just ate.  So I convinced her eggs were a good idea (I mean, it's Friday so...  Not a lot of options!) and then convinced her that she wants cupcakes for dessert.  With pink icing.


Birthday cupcakes, not feast day cupcakes!

The problem, though, is that I used a recipe that only makes 6 cupcakes (because otherwise I would have used a box mix and who needs 24 cupcakes?  Not us...) which means I can't sneak one as a sample because there are 6 of us!

Luckily they overflowed so I took my cupcake tax that way :P

I mean, it would have messed with the frosting so...  Yeah, had to cut off the tops and eat them.  Delicious :)


John Paul and Cecilia found their bin of winter outerwear and accessories. Which means we play "winter dress-up" for most of the day.  Unfortunately, I'm required to participate because they can't get both mittens on by themselves.  We spend probably 20 minutes getting them in snow pants, coats, mittens, scarves, hats, boots... 

And then they go outside and take it all off.

Even though it's like, 40 degrees.

They get it from their dad.


I jumped on the chevron bandwagon and ohhhhh are those babylegs not the cutest ever?


Outfit pictures that have been sitting on my phone for a while:


And last, some links for you:

I laughed out loud at this one:  A complete curmudgeon's guide to The Sound of Music

Some awesome suggestions for books for Christmas, Advent, and all the feast days that fall in December:

I went through most of those lists Wednesday night and put a bunch on hold at the library - now I get to read through all of them once they start coming in!  Seriously, I had no idea our library had so many religious books...

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  1. That "Sound of Music" list was AWESOME. "Celibacy's not for everyone. Just ask Liesl." Hahahaha!

    1. Right??? I'm kind of terrified and also excited for the remake - I just don't think I would want to be in Carrie Underwood's shoes... Having to live up to Julie Andrews? Impossible.

  2. I love the baby pics!!! I always gave cake with icing!!! My kids loved it but then they all went through a phase where they liked just the cake and no icing, my oldest is still like that and actually she prefers cheesecake to anything else (can't say I blame her!!)

  3. Such cute messy baby faces! You make adorable babies :)

  4. Cute baby faces! I give my baby cake with frosting. But then we are all about the frosting in our house, in fact cake is really just a conduit to hold the frosting in my opinion.

    1. I always like the cake better than the frosting... Elizabeth's like me, Mary Claire only wanted the frosting!

  5. I love that Sound of Music list! Also, I keep forgetting to check out the movie so we can watch it. I'm not sure if the kids ahve ever seen it.

    And frosting in the ears? I don't understand it, but it happens here too!

  6. Super cute outfits!

    And hey, question for you. During Ordinary Time if we have a celebration on a Friday we eat meat. So, like if I had a Cecilia and were celebrating her feast day we would have had meat. During Advent and Lent of course we stick with meatless on Fridays unless the bishop gives permission for a feast. What are your thoughts on that?


    1. You know, I debated whether or not to go with meat - part of it is that she genuinely didn't care and was perfectly happy with eggs... But we also would have had to choose another sacrifice in lieu of no meat, and since we try to do a family sacrifice, it was pretty much either no dessert or no TV that day. And since TV is the only way dinner gets made, and dessert is what made her name day special, we just stuck with our regular abstinence!

      My sister doesn't consume *any* sweets ever except on feast days, and I guess I kind of feel like if she can have her birthday without getting to eat cake because it doesn't happen to fall on a Sunday, we can suck it up and not eat bacon even though it was Cecilia's name day :P

    2. That would be more impressive if my birthday weren't on a feast day :-P But you're spot on that Friday is a day of penitence all year unless it's a Solemnity. I'm inclined to say we can celebrate family feasts on Fridays but not alter our usual penance unless it's a solemnity. So yes to cupcakes and no to meat--look at us! It's like we're sisters!


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