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Friday, November 8, 2013

I promised myself I'd remember to write my quick takes on Thursday night this week so that I don't spend all of Friday trying to write them...  But I just spent so long researching car seats before upgrading the twins (who have outgrown their bucket seats - ) that I don't feel like writing much!  So here are some of the quotes I've compiled this week:


Me:  *Pained shriek*
Cecilia: Why you yewwin' Mom?
Me:  Because Elizabeth bit me very hard on my leg.
Cecilia:  Did she kill you?
Me:  No, Elizabeth couldn't kill me, it just hurt very much.
Cecilia:  Oh.  'Member when da soldiers killed Jesus?

Glad she can remind me that my suffering is nothing compared to our Lord.  Or something to that effect :P


Me:  *Pained shriek*  Mary Claire, we do not bite.
Cecilia, very concerned:  What part of you did she bite off, Mom?
Me:  She didn't bite off any of me...
Cecilia:  Oh.  Pweez don't die, I wuv you!


John Paul takes a bite of tomato and sprays the seeds all over himself...
JP:  laughs hysterically
Andrew:  Do you see anyone laughing?
JP:  ME!
Me:  Sigh...  Now put the tomato in your mouth whole.
JP, frantically feeling his cheeks:  Where is there a hole in my mouth???

"Take a picture of me hitting hammering with a wench!"
Cecilia, trying to tell me what underwear to wear in the morning:  No, wear your PINK underwear!
Me:  No, I'm going to wear this pair.
Cecilia:  NOT your beige underwear, I don't wike your beige underwear, wear your PINK underwear!
Me:  Cecilia, my pink underwear is dirty!
Cecilia:  What maked it dirty?
Me:  Well, when we wear our underwear for the day, it's dirty.
Cecilia:  Maybe you pooped in it a wittle?  Or peed in it?

She caught me.

Cecilia, in the middle of the night during a bathroom break:  Sometimes I don't see yewwow things.

JP, kissing me 20 times in a row at Mass:  Mom, I love you... a dillion times!  How many zeroes are in a dillion?  More than 100?  More than a googol???  Mom???  How many???


We're making paper crowns in honor of the Four Crowned Martyrs tomorrow and John Paul told me what color he wants his to be.

JP:  Oh, I want to make a white crown this time.  For purity.  And then I'll have my red crown of martyrdom and I'll have TWO crowns!

Yup, just call him St. Maximilian Kolbe.


And a little bit of instagram for you:

These babies are almost 1!!!  And they're both taking steps independently, Elizabeth sometimes up to 5-10 at a time.  Mary Claire still only wants to take 1 or 2 before giving up and crawling.  But I get such a kick out of this picture - one to ride, one to push!  Gotta love the unexpected benefits of having twins.
I hit up a library used book sale yesterday and got 17 books AND a Lilo & Stitch DVD.  So basically the kids are covered for Christmas!  I found a really interesting anatomy book about how babies develop, but I'm going to have to hide it for a few years because otherwise I KNOW we'll have an outburst from John Paul at an inopportune time...
"When will I have fallopian tubes?"
"No, I have a uterus!  I'm a woman!!!"
But what I think will be his favorite present was this brand-new reference set:
So I'm not expecting to see him for several months after Christmas, because I think he'll be memorizing all this information.
And with that, I send you to more interesting takes at Jen's - happy Friday! 


  1. Ahem. Please warn us that your children's quotations are getting funnier and funnier. If I were at work in an office, it would not be safe to read them until a break, so I would not be able to goof off by reading them. Also, if I giggle loudly, Daddy wants to know what's up, and I don't want to read everything out loud to him. Laughter safety rating: very low. :-D In other news, I love your children!

  2. That underwear comment cracked me up. It must have been Wednesday, and she knows that on Wednesdays we wear pink! ;-)

  3. I keep wondering when Lucia is going to get funny. She is just so dull right now (just kidding, a toddler is never dull, BUT I feel a post like this would boost my blog traffic and Lucia is sure not helping mama out).

  4. These are WONDERFUL! Aren't you so glad to know that you are loved and should not have anything bitten off!

  5. Your kids are hilarious!!! Sigh, this reminds me how bad I am of getting my kids' funny quotes written down anywhere. I can't wait to see what they come up with when they are 5 and 6 and 7....that is usually when my kids have come up with some of the best stuff. :)

  6. Am I the only one who has a big problem reading the pale type on blue background? Or has it not fully loaded on my computer?

    1. Glad it ended up loading! Is the page taking too long to load in general? Sometimes I wonder if there's too much cluttering things up and making it take longer...

  7. My daughter loves reading the Thesaurus. Weird kids!

    1. I'm kind of excited to see what his reaction is when he starts reading it!

  8. I think this is your best edition yet...I especially love the underwear one..too funny!

    1. I suppose I'm only enabling her, because she always wants to pick out my outfits but I just let her choose my underwear to pacify her without sacrificing my fashion sense :P But not that day!

  9. Kid-quote posts make my day! And I am always so impressed by your pictures. I think I need to put a good camera on my Christmas list!

  10. I LOVE that picture of Cecilia holding Elizabeth! Cecilia is so pleased and Elizabeth is annoyed and maybe a little embarrassed. Also, your confirmation sponsor is very proud that you knew the saint who wanted both crowns was Maximilian Kolbe.

    1. I love it too! Elizabeth looks like she's trying to get away. Common occurrence in the Hill household.

      Meg, you were Rosie's confirmation sponsor? I didn't think the kids had one, just the RCIA people. And I taught two two-year confirmation classes, including Rosie's, so how is it that I don't remember that? I'm prouder that John Paul knew about the red and white crown! And St. Maximilian Kolbe is the COOLEST. I just love him.

  11. I would like to hang out with Cecelia for an afternoon, purely for my own amusement. :) your kids crack me up!


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