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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Well, I knew it was only a matter of time...  We had our first scissors casualty this week:

John Paul, coming into the babies' room while I nurse Mary Claire:  Mom, my hair was getting tangled, so I cut it...
Me:  *shocked gasp*  Where did you cut your hair?
JP, touching the top of his head:  Oh, just here...
I ran to the table where he had been quietly cutting out dotted line shapes from a catalog and found this small amount of hair:

Breathing a sigh of relief, I began cleaning up the paper and found this rather large pile:

And carefully inspected his hair to see that the damage was still fairly minimal, since he has a massive mop of hair and the rest of his hair mostly hides the shorn spots:

He still had to do this, though:


Cecilia, passionately hugging Mary Claire:  *sigh* I'm in wuv!


Cecilia, eating her generic Rice Krispies:  Mom, dey're not cwack packin'!
Me:  What?
Cecilia:  Are dey cwap snackin'?
Me:  Do you mean snap crackle popping?
Cecilia:  Yeah!  Are dey snack packin'?

When the babies are asleep, their birthday presents are fair game...


Cecilia:  Mom, could I pweez have a snack?
Me:  Cecilia, you just had snack AND lunch.  Aren't you very full?
Cecilia:  No, I'm just a couple full!  Could I pweez have a apple?


Cecilia:  What's gwavy, mom?

I know, I'm a failure as a parent....

Me:  It's a sauce that you put on your food, like meat or potatoes.
Cecilia:  And marshmawwows!!!

Gross.  Just gross.


Don't you dress up as a knight and a ballerina and then sit down and read quietly?

John Paul and Cecilia start banging on Mary Claire's bedroom door while she's sleeping and I'm nursing Elizabeth to sleep...  Both babies wake up sobbing, and I run out to get the big kids to stop being so very very crazy:

Me:  John Paul, WHY were you doing that???
JP:  I wanted to fight you.
Me: ...You wanted to fight me?
JP:  With my sword.

Yup.  Worth waking the babies for.  And obviously SO urgent.


Discovering some new artwork on the slats of the babies' cribs...

Me:  John Paul, do you know who drew this?
JP:  Oh, it was me.  And it was not easy!
Me, stifling laughter:  Why did you draw on the crib?
JP:  I was trying to draw a picture of myself, but then I just drew some lines instead.


Cecilia, blowing her nose while on the toilet:  Wook, sometimes Belle bwows her nose just wike DIS!
Me:  ...
Cecilia, swishing the toilet paper in the toilet water:  And sometimes Belle dooes DIS while she's on da potty!

I think I can guarantee with 100% accuracy that Belle doesn't do that...   


I walk into Cecilia's room to see Mary Claire hug-tackling her on the bed...

Me:  Aww, Cecilia, she loves you so much!
Cecilia, turning to me with her finger up her nose:  I'm just pickin' a weally big booger.

Usually my reaction when being hugged, too...


And now, some quotes from me (from What Would I Say?)

"Now THAT is weird! and he used to hug the pope"

"Isn't the only goat cheese, hummus, and celery.  No, she licks you."

"Next year I'm wondering what the heck do you think it's over."

"Also, Pedro Martinez, BeyoncĂ©, and just do NOT IN a BOOK!"

"Nursing in bed.  Sincerely, JUST GO TO MASS on Craigslist or freecycle"

"Curses, Elizabeth just got home from our job to write."

"My hatred is far too cute!"

"Who's the ham to keep the United Arab Emirates?"

"Yeah, I still had to permeate the children."

Not sure how I plan to permeate them...
 Now it's your turn!  There are so many hilarious kids on the internet and lots of bloggers post quotes from theirs - link up an old post, a new post, whatever!  I'm going to make this a regular Tuesday feature so that we can compile all the hilarity in one place.  Link back to this post if you'd like, and happy reading!


  1. Always surprises how serious kids are in their reasoning for doing things. Especially things that make no sense to us. But then they have a perfectly logical explanation...

  2. Fun idea! I don't know if my monthly posts count but I think there's a quote or two in there! I'm so bad about remembering to write the funny quotes down before I forget it 27 seconds afterward.

    Your kids are so funny!

    1. No rules! I get such a kick out of your boys :) John Paul's hydrogen quote is my favorite!

  3. Ahh, once again I can't wait until Anna starts saying more than one word at a time! (If you want to start a things-my-kid-climbed-into/onto link-up, we'd be ALL over that!)

    Also, is that the Fisher Price farm? I've been considering it for a Christmas gift for Anna...

  4. GREAT idea! And John Paul just cracks me up.

  5. Breathless... From... Laughter. "Yeah, and it was NOT easy." And then your WWIS are HILARE.

    I'll go find my Zeke/Gabe quote from a few weeks ago and link-up. Cannot wait to read all the others!

    1. I have to try SO hard not to laugh at John Paul sometimes... He's just at that age where if I laugh at the wrong time there's NO chance of him ever trying to be serious, you know? Ah, kids :P

  6. I don't have a post about it, but these are my favorites from when Frances was younger:
    bathing suit=bacon soup
    I love you=Lah-loo

    1. Mmmm bacon soup... She might have the right idea ;)

  7. The picture of them reading as knight and ballerina makes me think of those "READ" posters they put up in libraries, the ones with kids in some costume or surrounded by the characters of the book they're reading. I think you're doing it right :)

  8. Cwap-snackin...kind of like Mary Claire the other day....

  9. Cwap-snackin...kind of like Mary Claire the other day....


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