What They Said, Vol. 2

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Tuesday!  If you've got any funny quotes saved up, link up below!

Here's my contribution for the week (well, the kids' contribution...):

John Paul, eyeing my ginger ale:  When will I drink ginger ale?
Me:  ...  Maybe when you're...  15?
JP:  And I'll wear deodorant!!!  When I'm fifteen-and-a-half!!!

Yeah, that's something to get excited about...

John Paul and Cecilia find an accessory for a glider the babies have outgrown:

JP:  When will we use this?
Me:  When we have our next baby.
JP:  Boy babies!!!
Me:  Well, maybe we'll have more boys.  But probably just one baby at a time from now on...
JP:  No!  Twin babies!
Me:  Well, usually people don't have more than one set of twins...  And twins are hard, so do you really want us to have more twins?
JP:  Maybe...  QUADRUPLETS!!!  So we can have the same number of boys and girls!!!

Glad he's not in charge...

Now imagine six more...

Cecilia, singing:  Shoo fwy, don't bodder me,
shoo fwy, don't bodder me,
shoo fy, don't bodder me...

*pauses to pick her nose, resumes singing*

Ceciwia has a booger in her nose!

Not usually this serious...

Cecilia:  What's a baby gwasshopper called?
Me:  Um...  A baby grasshopper?
Cecilia:  Maybe a spider?
Me:  No.  Grasshoppers and spiders are not the same.
Cecilia:  Oh.  Are gwasshoppers and spiders da same?
Me:  ...No...  Look!  Mary Claire wants to hug you!

Because if I hadn't changed the subject she would have asked the same question 50 more times...


John Paul:  What kind of car does Dad drive?
Me:  A Toyota.
JP:  What type of Toyota?
Me:  A Corolla.
Cecilia:  And what type of car does Jesus dwive?
Me:  ...  Jesus doesn't drive a car...

But for some reason I picture Him in a VW bus?


Cecilia:  Mom, where are da wolves?
Me:  ...In the forest?
Cecilia:  And you pwotect me from dem?
Me:  Yes, sure I will.
Cecilia:  And what will dey do to us?
Me:  Well, maybe eat us?
Cecilia:  And what would happen to us?
Me:  Well, we would die...
Cecilia:  Oh.  'Member?  When Jesus died for us?
Me:  Yup, I remember that...
Cecilia:  And sometimes we wose from da dead!
Me:  Well, no, we have never risen from the dead...
Cecilia:  Wike my Nana!  Da one who died!
Me:  No, she didn't rise from the dead...   Hey, let's go upstairs and play!

There comes a point where the conversation gets a little too heavy for me...

John Paul, listening to bible songs:  Dad, what's "meek?"
Andrew:  Well, it's when you're very humble and obey really well.
Cecilia:  I'm meek!!!
John Paul:  Me too!
Andrew:  Well, you're not really meek, John Paul...  You would have to do a much better job not arguing...
Cecilia:  I'm meek, because I'm...  *pauses for a while to think*  I'm not meek.
Me:  Okay, Cecilia.
Cecilia, running over to tickle John Paul:  Tickle tickle tickle!  Now I'm meat!  I'm meat because I tickled John Paul!!!

Cecilia:  Could we pway Gus da Ghost and I'm Maura and you're Mr. Hardy?
John Paul:  NO!
Cecilia:  Maybe later could we pway Gus da Ghost?
John Paul:  No, it's too expensive...
Cecilia:  How much does it cost?
John Paul:  Oh, one-thirty-nine-ninety-five.

Your turn!

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  1. My husband's grandmother had 2 sets of twins, within the same calendar year. It was like Irish quardrulepts. So you know...it could happen.

    And, I laughed so hard at John Paul's first one...you tell he's probably going to need deodorant long before he's 15 1/2.

    1. Thankfully if we DO have twins they can't possibly be Irish quadruplets :P

      And I'm SURE he'll need deodorant before he's 15.5 - otherwise we're going to have one seriously stinky house!!!

  2. I used to be so excited about getting to be old enough to wear deodorant too!

  3. Replies
    1. I think he drove a 15-passenger bus. You know, with all the disciples and all. But maybe he just had a tour bus that a regular bus driver drove. Or maybe one of the disciples was the bus driver.

    2. It's totally the hair - He'd just need a tie-dye robe :P

  4. Hey! I'd didn't know you were making this a weekly thing! And I'm almost finished with a post chock-full of quotes. Yaaaaay!

    Tell JP I'm still working on being meek too. It's a lifelong commitment for some of us.

    1. As long as it's not a lifelong commitment for us to become meat :P

  5. I heard that Jesus drove a Honda.... He and the disciples were all in Accord. ;)


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