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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I've got a few books I'm working on and one I just finished with the kids, so here's what we're reading these days:

I'm Bernadette

The sweet author of this book sent us a copy to review and John Paul and Cecilia loved it.  We read a chapter each night (sometimes two because they really didn't want to stop!) and just finished it.  Bernadette is a first grader at a Catholic school, and the first book in this series involves Bernadette trying to find a saint to dress up as for her school's All Saints Parade. 

This reminded me a lot of the Ramona books I so loved when I was a kid, except without all the ridiculous antics - Bernadette is a pretty typical first grader, and I think this is a book I really would have loved to read when I was that age.  I think it's the type of book that would appeal to homeschooled kids too, because I remember being intrigued by books about kids at public school when I was in private elementary school...  I imagine the same goes for homeschooled kids and Catholic school characters!

John Paul is so excited that soon there will be another book, Christmas with Bernadette!  Cecilia is now saying special prayers to "Saint Mama Mary" and tells me that Saint Mama Mary visited her in her dreams.  And both of the kids sat perfectly still for every single chapter and now Bernadette and Victor are key characters in their make-believe. 

I think this book fills a niche that needs to be filled - I'm not an expert on children's literature but there definitely weren't any books about kids in Catholic school when I was growing up, nor were there fiction books that subtly interjected saint stories and facts throughout the story!

You can purchase I'm Bernadette! on Amazon or through the publisher's link above - Emily Grace Ortega is a Catholic mom of 6, so you're certainly supporting a lovely woman!   Ana has a review of the same book up at her blog, if you're looking for more opinions.

Siblings Without Rivalry

I'm still not very far into this one because I'm really bad at reading nonfiction.  But I went to a talk a couple months ago and the speaker (A renowned discipline expert) recommended this MANY times, and said it was one of the best books she has ever read and helped her understand her childhood and raise her children to have a good relationship with each other.  Soooo since I haven't read a whole lot I can't really say much except that it has a lot of cartoons that John Paul has been reading (and quoting) during naptime, so maybe if you get it, consider hiding it from your precocious 4-year-old because he may or may not tell someone "You're a bad person." Because he may have read it in the book. 

Anyway, I have high hopes for this book!

How to Negotiate with Kids . . . Even if You Think You Shouldn't

This one I'll admit, I haven't even started...  But I wanted to mention it with the other book because the same expert recommended this one when I told her about my somewhat difficult 4-year-old who argues with every. single. thing. that we say to him.  I need to read this, because his behavior just keeps getting worse, no matter what ramifications bad behavior might have. 

We've been trying to use some of the tips from the book, like naming our emotions, and that's really been helping John Paul.  Instead of screaming because he's angry, he's been able to (not always, but sometimes) say, "I'm upset because I wanted [xyz]" or "I'm feeling really frustrated!"  And considering his default is usually just to scream as loudly and as long as possible, this is definitely a plus!

Check out more books over at Housewifespice!


  1. Siblings without Rivarly is really, really good! Those same authors have another book called "How to Talk so Your Kids Will Listen and Listen so Your Kids Will Talk." It is another excellent book that I hightly recomment....especially for parents with 4-year olds that like to argue. LOL

    Haven't read the negotiating book yet, but looks interesting and like something I may want to look into.

  2. Oh my gosh--I've got to get the Bernadette books! They sound wonderful--and I have a twin granddaughter named Bernadette! Thanks for sharing, Rosie!

  3. Do you remember that when you kids went over to play at a school friend's house, the parents often asked us afterwards how we had raised such polite children? That always made me ask if they were sure they were talking about our kids and not somebody else's!

    I noticed that when I was with John Paul at Charlotte's party and at the pumpkin patch, he still argued and refused to do stuff, but he did it much more gently than I'd seen him do it before. I thought it was because he was growing up, but maybe it was because he doesn't feel as safe with me as he does with you—because that's certainly why you kids were more polite with other grown-ups than you were with Daddy and me!

    1. A quote from my son when he was six, "But YOU'RE my PARENTS!". Better that he behave outside the house if there is a choice!

  4. I'm terrible with non-fiction too. I have read and learned from Gregory Popcak's books and Dr. Ross Campbell's How to Really Love Your Child. The Bernadette chapter book looks just lovely!

  5. I am reviewing "I'm Bernadette!" today for my Quick Takes. It is a delightful story!


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