Five Favorites: Board Books for Christmas

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Last week I talked about some of my favorite Christmas & Advent toys for kids, so let's talk books this week!

Here are 5 of my favorite Christmas board books - some are beautiful, some have a lovely flow to the words, and some are just going to occupy your kids during that extra-long, extra-crowded Mass!


Who is Coming to Our House?

You can get this in paperback too - beautiful wood-cut illustrations, a really calming rhythm to the words, and an anticipatory feel that make this a really great Advent book.  And what kid doesn't love a book all about animals?


A Peek-a-boo Christmas!

Sturdy flaps, cute kid-friendly pictures, and it's maybe the most adorable thing ever hearing the kids read, "Peek-a-boo Jesus, I wuv you!"


The Little Drummer Boy

Another that's available in paperback, this is a classic - gorgeous illustrations, a good way to help kids focus on what *they* can do to serve rather than what they're getting for Christmas! 

I seriously HATE the song "The Little Drummer Boy" but I'm okay with it in the context of this book because I love the illustrations.


Lift-the-Flap Nativity

From my favorite bible stories series!  Tons of flaps to keep kids occupied during Mass and Christmas themed, obviously!


Christmas in the Manger

Okay, creepy long-fingered Jesus at the end isn't my favorite, but the kids have always been enchanted by this book!  Again, animals, lilting rhymes, and a shiny star - it doesn't take much to please little kids!

Kendra's got some great books for older kids - what are some of your favorites once you get beyond the board book phase?

Linking up with Hallie and trying not to think about that awesome conference that there's no way I'll be able to attend!


  1. You posted a few of my favorites and a few new ones to add to my list! We do a Christmas book advent "calendar," so I'm always on the hunt for new books to add to the collection. I'm definitely adding The Drummer Boy! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Maybe you could get your sister and mom to take care of the family while you go to the conference? Or just your mom, if your sister goes and a local friend will help? Like Coleen?

  3. Thanks for sharing these! They look great, but it's too bad lift the flap books last all of five seconds in my house. ;)

  4. I love this idea! I love that Lift-the-flap nativity- we have it and I'm going to look into the others.

  5. I have some crossover favorites on a list I made last year, but I also included some of our favorite Nativity centered books for older kids:

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing! I'm hoping to head to our local used bookstore and see what I can find :)

  6. I need to dig out mine and pick out some favorites. Guess I've got {another} weekend project!

    1. I just read a suggestion to wrap one for each day of advent (or Christmas), even if you already own them, and unwrap and read one each day. The kids would be SO excited! I'm absolutely trying it, although I'm not sure if we have enough :P

  7. We have "Who is Coming to Our House?" And the kids love it. But as another commenter mentioned, flap books get a death sentence when they enter my home. I'll check and see if the library has them.

  8. My mother-in-law was so taken by that last picture book that she bought it for her (future) grandchild and gave it to me before we were even married (!) with a note inside saying that said grandchild was "so worth waiting for." I do love it, although every time we read it this year I'll probably notice creepy long fingers, which I never saw before!

  9. Wish you a very Happy Christmas!!May god bless you!!!
    JingleBells Jinglebells


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