Saturday, February 8, 2014

Feels Like Spring? {outfit post}

60 degrees.  In January. 
(This was a few weeks ago...  Can you tell the post was sitting in the archives, forgotten?)

So yeah, I had to dig out a spring skirt!  

I don't even know about the face in the bottom left...  The timer has been weeeeeird and I didn't know it was still taking pictures!

Anyway, just wanted you to see what this outfit looks like going out AND at home - that apron is my best friend, and I live in those slippers to keep my tights from getting runs!

Not the most nursing-friendly outfit, since I have to untuck a long top in order to nurse the babies...  But they can go a few hours without nursing these days, so it's good for outings.

I changed into boots (with boot cuffs crocheted by my sister!) for our hike, and added a denim jacket and an Ergo.

Gotta love Virginia weather!


  1. I always love your dresses. So vintage!

  2. Adorable! I dream of having all the cute skirts you have. :)


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