What They Said, Volume 9

Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's been a pretty funny February for us - here are some gems from this month:

Cecilia, balancing precariously: I'm make suring not to fall!
John Paul, laughing: Make suring! She means making sure!!!

Nothing is so funny as grammatical errors to this kid... 

Theme Thursday: Fences
The babies' first words upon waking yesterday morning:

Mary Claire: Baa la la la! (reminding me of her current favorite sandra boynton book)
Elizabeth: Up!
MC: Puppy! Woof woof!
Elizabeth: *high-pitched pretend barking*

Who needs adult conversation?

Mary Claire, looking at a picture of a stegosaurus:  Huppo! (Hippo)
Me:  No, that's a dino.
Mary Claire:  Hop, hop!!!
Me:  *sigh* 

Me:  What's your favorite season?
Mary Claire: Baby!
Cecilia: Orange!
Elizabeth: Dee-sa! Baby! (Jesus!  Baby!)

Homeschooling's going great over here, why do you ask? 

Cecilia:  Is St. Valentime real, mom? Can I dance for St. Valentime in heaven?

I'm sure he would appreciate it... 

Cecilia, wiping her nose with a wipe: Sometimes at night I pick my nose!


Cecilia, talking about every Women's Olympic event: Is she gonna get a pink medal?

As a consolation prize? 

Cecilia:  Could I have milk please?
Me:  Sure honey pie!
Cecilia:  Why did you call me honey pie?  I'm cutie pie!

I've got some nerve. 

Cecilia, singing a song of her own composition: 
When will it be mooorning tiiiime...  
Moses got da hooooly iiiinnocents, 
and Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel, Gabriel, 
and Jesus was boooorn in da staaaable, 
and Jesus is sweeping on da haaaay, 
and I have not seen dat for a whiiiile!

We'll be arranging it for wind ensemble soon - get ready! 

Discussing animals at the zoo

Cecilia:  Some day I would wet a farm animal out of it's gate and it would be my pet!
John Paul:  I would like a pet sheep some day!
Cecilia:  And I would like a pet sheep too!!!
John Paul:  A sheep would be my most talented pet!
Me:  And where would you keep your sheep?
Cecilia:  Um, I would kind of wet it sweep in YOUR bed, Mom!
Me:  ...No, I don't think a sheep would sleep in my bed...
Cecilia:  And it would poop in da gwass!!!

Glad we got that sorted out. 

Cecilia, doing a "trick" while brushing her teeth:  Wook at meeeeeee!
John Paul:  Don't jump into the bathtub!
Cecilia:  I'm not!  I'm just standing here for hours and hours!
John Paul, disgusted:  NOT hours and hours, Cecilia.

He has been imitating Andrew's outfits lately...  Although Andrew doesn't have a cape to go with his plaid shirt and sweater vest.

John Paul gets it into his mind that Elizabeth needs to be punched...

Me:  John Paul, when would it ever be okay to punch your sister???
Correct answer: Never.
John Paul:  Maybe when we're boxing.


Cecilia, watching a Canadian figure skater: Someday, when I'm grown up, I want to have a daughter like her.
John Paul: Mmhmm! Me too!

Aim high - aim for a daughter who's four times your age... 

Me: John Paul, you're so strong!
Cecilia: And God is SO so stwong!

And there's our hierarchy.

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