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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When I found out I was pregnant with twins (at almost 30 weeks...) I immediately went into my typical "over-research" mode.  I read all the books (and this book was by far the most useful to me) and devoured every online resource I could find.

But what I wanted more than anything was to find aaaall the blogs from moms of twins so I could see exactly how day-to-day life actually works when you have all. the. babies.  And I especially wanted to find Catholic moms of twins, but I couldn't find what I wanted: a list of all the blogs!

So in the past year or so, I've found quite a few Catholic mom bloggers who feature their twins (and non-Catholic mom bloggers too!), so here's a partial list - I know I'm forgetting some bloggers, so please leave a comment if you have more for me to add!  And if you'd rather your blog not be included in this list, just shoot me an email (rosiehill425 at gmail dot com) and I'll remove the link :)

Bean In Love - Sheena's a DIY blogger with girl-girl twins and a new baby boy (she's in the 3-under-2 club!)

Amongst Lovely Things - Sarah blogs about homeschooling her older kids and life with a toddler and identical boy twins (also a member of the 3-under-2 club!)

Seeking the Lamp - Four beautiful adopted children and then surprise!  Spontaneous fraternal twins!

Rosemary's Fancy - Lovely knitting, three adorable boys, and ANOTHER member of the 3-under-2 club!

Narrative Heiress - Ashley writes such lovely reflections on life with her three boys (including identical boy twins)

...and twins make four! - Sarah's adorable toddler girl twins are so fun to watch grow!

The Zoo in the Pew  - Not gonna lie, when I found this blog my sister and I counted kids and she immediately said, "She wins."  A 5-year-old, 3-year-old, 2-year-old, and baby twins - that's a whole lot of grace right there!

Yellow Pencil Stub - Aaaaadorable adopted boy-girl twins - I wish she blogged more often!

It's Twinsanity - TWO sets of twins!  And two older boys.  AND a baby!  Not updated regularly, but if you need a boost to know that you CAN do this twin thing, this is it!

Musings on the Simple Life - Adele and I went to high school together, and I was SO excited when she found out she was pregnant with twins!  She has three older kids as well, and beautiful photography on her blog!

Surviving Our Blessings - I love the title of Abbey's blog - isn't that what life with twins feels like so often?  She blogs a lot about homeschooling her 5-year-old and life with her 2-year-old girl twins.  And she's expecting another baby soon!

The Peace of Christ - Hafsa is a convert and blogs honestly about life with her boy-girl twins and two younger kids.

Dual Voltage - Taara is basically living my life only in Brazil!  Older boy and girl, and girl-girl twins!

Lissla Lissar's blog - Twins, Canadian-style!

Catholic Mom Apologia - Her twins are older (6) and she has three other kids - I'm always so glad to know that life will calm down a little once the twins are bigger!

What do you think - got any other gems to share?  I know I can't get enough of twin blogs!

And I know that Grace has a birth story link-up, but I'd love to get a bunch of twin birth stories in once place, so look for a twin birth story link-up next week!

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