Theme Thursday: Heart

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Now THIS one I actually had some material for in advance!  Cecilia's birthday party was heart-themed, so here's her cake and our garland (which doubles as a prayer garland for the whole month of February):

When decorating with a real piping tool, don't forget that there's crushed peppermint in the icing, because then you'll end up having to go the ziploc bag route...

We're almost halfway through!
And since we've got a snow day today, we've been crafting all morning:

John Paul's Valentine card for Elizabeth's Godfather (I don't know why, but he and Cecilia decided they wanted to make Valentines for that family and nobody else...)

Cecilia also wanted to make a heart wreath, but pretty much lost interest after gluing the hearts you see here...

I drew a bunch of hearts on watercolor paper last week and John Paul, Cecilia and I all had a lot of fun painting them (really I love watercolors!), then I cut them out to use for just such an occasion!

And we've gradually been transferring our prayer intentions from our garland to heart doilies (dollar store ftw!) and decorating the playroom windows with them.
Really I care not even a little bit about decorating for Valentine's Day, and I get that it's not a "real" holiday, but hearts are pretty!  And a reeeeeally easy way to create a craft theme for an entire month, since for some reason the big kids have gotten it into their heads that they should be doing a craft every. single. day.

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