What I Wore Sunday: Schoolgirl Plaid and My First Alteration!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Can I just say that I love plaid?  So I was really excited when I found out it was a "trend" this year.  I mean, when does plaid actually go out of style?  Never, in my opinion!

So I'd been on the search for a plaid skirt for months.  The problem is finding a way to wear a plaid skirt without looking like a Catholic schoolgirl, a serious challenge for me, considering I look a tad younger than my 27 (nearly 28!) years.

I found this skirt on ThredUp (there are still two available!) and even though it was a little large, I ordered it because the price was right and I thought maybe, just maybe, I'd try my hand at an alteration?  I like that it's not pleated and it's not a schoolgirl-ish plaid, so it seems a little more grown-up.

P.S. I have a special ThredUp referral link until the 28th of February - instead of the usual $10 coupon, they're giving you $15 to sign up through my link!  I especially love it for clothes for the kids, since there are tons of items for less than $5.

Soooo anyway, Emily inspired me to fix my sewing issues (seriously, I've been doing some REALLY dumb things because I'm clueless), and I used her latest Sewing Lessons post and took the skirt in about an inch at one side, super-quick and not the best job *but* I realized that it's likely that I'll want it back to the larger size for a bit next time I'm post-partum, so I didn't try very hard to make it perfect and I left the extra fabric inside so that I can rip out the seam when I want it larger!  There are darts at the back that are a little off-center now because it's a side-zipping skirt, and maybe I'd try to figure that out if I were taking it in for good, but for now I'll just pull a sweater over it and call it done.

Couldn't crop out this adorable photobomber!

Skirt:  Gymboree (yeah, grown-up sized...) via ThredUp
Sweater:  Express (ooooold)
Boots:  Same old, same old
Tights:  H&M

This kid was not the best during Mass, but I did LOVE his reaction to Father's homily about zombies - at some point he defined "Zombie" and John Paul turned to me, ecstatic, and said, "Yeah!!!  Yeah, Father!!!"

And now we're making toothpick and marshmallow constructions - John Paul is fascinated and hasn't eaten a single marshmallow (and he's OBSESSED with sweets) because he's working so hard to build!  I'm thinking it's time to find Andrew's old tinker toys...  Cecilia?  Well, she made a lot of "lollipops" for dessert tonight.

I do believe almost every little girl on the internet owns this jumper/shirt combo...  I've seen it on so many different kids!

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