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Friday, February 28, 2014


Fact:  Writing 7 posts in 7 days is not really a challenge for me because I mostly don't write anything of substance when I blog.  Thinking/writing anything remotely deep are not my strong suit.

Fact:  I love having my feedly crammed with new posts at all times because all the people are writing all the things!

Fact:  I'm trying so hard to keep up with all the posts that I hardly have time to comment on any of the posts.  Which I assume is why there has also been a dearth of comments on this blog!  Soooo if you've been writing posts this week and I haven't been commenting, it's just because there's no time to write AND comment AND read all the other posts!


A while back Andrew and I found a starter set of legos (NOT duplos!) on a good sale, so we bought it to put away for when the kids got older.  I got it out yesterday to buy some time while the babies napped and  they loooooved it!

Cecilia made a candle.  With an eye?  Then she got REALLY upset because John Paul told her it was flammable and she didn't WANT it to be flammable.

Because it's a candle.



So now we're at the point where we're getting started with regular legos and Andrew and I really want MORE legos so we can build all the things but then we remember that these are toys meant for children and we can't just buy all the things...  But at the same time, we're grown-ups so we CAN buy all the things if we want to, right?

Sigh.  Maybe we'll all get some in our Easter baskets?


Cecilia in her little "ballerina bun" is just too cute for words, right?  I'm amazed that I got her to wear that blue shirt - she's so fickle about the clothes she'll wear, but she decided she wanted to wear a blue dress like Cinderella and I convinced her that since she doesn't have a blue dress, a blue jumper and blue shirt would be perfect.  And it worked!

Gotta love it when that happens :)


How long does it take you to cook dinner?  An hour?  Half an hour?  I'm wondering what's normal...

Usually we give up TV for Lent but we've *just* gotten to the point where the babies are happy watching a show or two in the basement with John Paul and Cecilia so that I can get dinner started.  And usually 45 minutes to an hour is enough for me to get stuff ready, but I'm wondering if I just take too long to cook?  Or need to simplify what we eat?  Or maybe just let them keep watching TV because it's the only thing that works right now!


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