Sibling Weddings, Patron Saints, and Gollym

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And nothing particularly interesting...

Edit: Why did I spell that "Gollym?"  This is what happens when proofreading is not a thing that I care about...

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Andrew had Monday off and took the big kids to the Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Shrine.  Obviously they loved it because it was a place, but I just can't stop giggling at the fact that Cecilia keeps accidentally calling her "Saint Ewizabef Ann Satan."

Then Cecilia was wearing her multicolored rosary bracelet (from the gift shop that day) on the potty, and apparently having a difficult time...  I heard, "Mom, I'm pwayin' Hail Mary's to help me poop!!!"

*Fun fact:  The patron saint of constipation is apparently St. Vitus (source), who is the saint I got when I did Jen's Saint's Name Generator...


On Sunday Cecilia told me, "Mom, I don't want to nap alone.  I want to nap wif my brudder."

John Paul agreed, and an hour-and-a-half later he came looking for Cecilia's tiara.  

"It's on the kitchen counter." I told him.

"No, her wedding tiara!"

"Oh, it's in the playroom."

"Good, now we can start the wedding!"

Photo: Apparently this is what happens when I let them nap together...

Presenting the happy couple? Or perhaps not so happy...

Somewhere in there the tiara got lost again...  Have you ever seen a couple so happy?  The upturned collars kind of kill me.  

{also funny}

Then two days later, one of John Paul's first actions upon waking was to get back in his suit so they could have another wedding...  And this time apparently Cecilia went the ballerina princess route for her dress:

Do you guys want to pose for some wedding pictures?  No, get the sword out of your mouth!

The juxtaposition of their faces here just kills me, as does the chocolate on their lips from their "wedding cake" (chocolate chip banana bread)

Do you see Cecilia's beautiful rosary bracelet?

Wook at my cat!

You see my cat???

John Paul, you're supposed to look happy!

No, HAPPY, not creepy!

I just...  This is why siblings aren't allowed to marry each other.

End scene.

There was a VERY traumatic moment before the second wedding when she wouldn't wear the tights he brought her and he kept yelling, "I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR UNDERWEAR!"


I reminded him that he's not allowed to marry his sister and he was REALLY upset until I listed some girls that he COULD marry because he's not related to them.  He very happily chose Ava.  And then remembered that he wants to be a priest


Princess Scraggle-Hair looks so cute, right?

Until you realize she has positioned herself on the shoe mat so she can eat all the salt that has fallen off everyone's shoes.  This is far less disgusting than what she does when she's sitting on the potty.  Nasty.


And this cutie pie has managed to grow approximately three very long hairs that are always in her eyes unless I sweep them to the side, so it's looking like a veeeeery brief hair cut or perhaps hair plucking may be in order soon...


The wisps!  One day she will be rocking a luxurious mane and there will no longer be any resemblance to Gollum!

I'm a really bad mom.


Who's up for another "What They Said" link-up?  I've got a bunch of quotes sitting unused in my drafts folder...  I did it on the 27th last time, so let's shoot for next Thursday and I'll keep it open for longer since it's just a monthly think now.

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