On Premature Aging

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

John Paul has been using a little flashlight clock to fast forward time in our world - first he fast forwarded to his 7th birthday to convince me it was time for his First Communion.  Then to his 16th birthday, so that he could drive.  He took many a pretend trip to Trader Joe's, Safeway, Giant, Costco, The Dollar Tree (to get a solar-powered pig for his birthday, apparently), and TJ Maxx (that last one always perplexes me, because I think he's been there once ever?), and then asked me, "Mom, how old are you now?  It's 2025!"

At which point I realized, "Wow, suddenly I'm almost 40..."

And I can't even imagine that point, you know?

For years and years I imagined what my adult life would be like, particularly at this point (27, 28 in a couple months).  And I'm pretty much exactly where I anticipated I'd be - married with 4 kids (I expected three but, you know, twins).

"And how old will Mary Claire and Elizabeth be?"

"Well, when you're 16 they'll be 13."

"Hi teenagers!  Teenagers, hi!!!  And how old is our baby boy?"

"We have another baby boy?"

"Yup.  He's...  3."

"And what did we name him?"

"Damasus."  (This has long been one of his favorite boy names - Abbey, looks like we've got you covered!)

These hands?  Not full enough!

13 years from now, where do I hope to be?  Where do I expect to be?  Honestly, I have no idea.  The only virtual definite is that we'll be driving a cargo van.  Other than that?  I'll let you know...

I'll have even more awesome quotes for you tomorrow - be sure to link-up for another edition of What They Said!

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