Candlelit Prayer Card {Guest Post}

Monday, March 16, 2015

Good morning!  Can you believe we only have a few more weeks left until Easter?  Our prayer chain is getting shorter and shorter, and we're finally in the home stretch, it seems!  I love the craft that Amanda is posting about today, and am planning on doing it as soon as possible with all of the kids (even the two-year-olds!).

Amanda is a mom of 2 sweet boys who blogs about faith, food, photography, and motherhood at Erring on the Side of Love.  She's also one of the absolute sweetest ladies in the Catholic blogging world - I think you'll really enjoy getting to know her!

Lent is such a beautiful time to slow down, be more intentional, fast so that you can be emptied and then filled back up again with more of Him, and to pray more. Our liturgical rhythm is such a good one and I know I am forever thankful for the way it draws me in, every. single. year!

For this craft, I was thinking about prayer meanwhile mentally sifting through all the leftover random craft supplies we had at home. When we craft around here it's usually with what we have already. It's just kind of how we do.

While I was doing my mental sift, I remembered these little cards for Priesthood Sunday that the boys had such a fun time making. I got to thinking more about prayer and cards and glue sticks and torn paper and easy and...Voila! I present to you Candle Lit Prayer Cards for friends and family.

My boys love all things tearing and glue sticks and scissors as can be found visible in the photo above.

I drew some quick and painless candles to give them some borders and let them get to tearing.

The boys picked who they wanted to light a prayer candle for. These same persons are the ones receiving these lovely little cards.

My oldest picked a friend of his, my youngest picked his Uncle (my brother), and I picked my Grandma (Mama joined craft time too.). We lit a candle at the table, said a prayer for all of them, and then got back to crafting.

My oldest one wanted to use scissors to cut the paper which was fine by me.

Here they are all cut, glued, and crafted together. I added some text on the outside and some on the inside as well explaining that we lit a candle in prayer for each them.

I also let the boys sign their names and add whatever personal touches they wanted to add on the inside.

My two year old is really into drawing circles and random shapes right now.

I let the little guys put on the stamps...

and walk the cards out to the mailbox.

Full disclosure: we only had one bout of tears because glue stick on anything within reach is not okay.

But at the end of it all, I could tell they really loved making the Candle Lit Prayer Cards! They loved lighting the candles and saying a prayer for the people that we all chose to pray for and just seemed really proud of their work. Walking it out to the mailbox was also delighted in.

My oldest has even asked when we can pray for more people so that we can make them cards and light candles for them. I love seeing prayer and love encouraged in these little guys and love even more when it's the little simple things that so easily nourish it!

Thank you, Rosie for having me over at your amazing space! Hope you all enjoyed this little bit of easy crafting and pray your littles get to enjoy it as much as mine did!

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Amanda!  I'm excited to do this with the kids - what an awesome idea!  

You can visit Amanda at Erring on the Side of Love - go check her blog out!

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