Lacing Cross Craft {Crafts for Lent}

Monday, March 9, 2015

John Paul and Cecilia have been begging me to set up a sewing activity for them for ages, so I decided this week would be the time for it!

Of course, things didn't go as planned...  I set up the craft and sent them to get dressed before they could do it.  15 minutes later, Cecilia had begun and John Paul?  Was shirtless in his room, doing push-ups.  I asked if he wanted to do the craft and he had changed his mind - he just wanted to "exercise."  

So I decided it didn't matter, and did it with Cecilia alone.

Yarn (I used this)

You don't really need needles, you can just wrap a piece of tape around the end of the yarn.  But needles are more fun!

Cut out your cross shape and punch holes around the edges.

Thread the needle (we tied a pony bead to the end to keep it from going all the way through) and lace away!

Cecilia's 4, and not super-adept at this sort of thing, so she needed a fair amount of my help to get the yarn out from around the corner.  Did it end up perfect? Of course not!  But she was so proud of the finished product!

Librarian chic, 4-year-old style (yes, I'm pretty sure she's imitating my mom uniform...)

She decided to draw Jesus on the cross...

But then decided it was her instead.  Even with the beard.  So...  Uniting with Christ in His suffering? I'll go with that.

Want to check out more?  Here's a sensory bin you could create, a prayer chain, or a free printable coloring book!

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