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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Where are my boots?  Seriously, where did they go?  I got out the camera to take these pictures and couldn't find either pair ANYWHERE.  So, here are some blurry pictures of me in my socks - I would have skipped it but do you SEE Peter's face? Adorable. He's a little bit obsessed with Cecilia.

Argyle socks.  It's the only way.

Incidentally, it's almost the same outfit that I wore about a year ago in this post: Fashion in the First Trimester and the Fourth. Yes, I'm out of the fourth trimester and yes, I still have about that much belly...  So, you know, still following my rules about fashion!

In other news, it's Passion Sunday! What does that mean?  I thought this was a good explanation. You probably noticed that your church veiled all the statues, artwork, and crucifixes today - we're in the home stretch of Lent! We started doing this at home a couple of years back, too - Elizabeth was absolutely HEARTBROKEN when she saw it this morning and kept asking us to "uncrucifix da cwoss," but now she's okay with it and keeps talking about all the things in the house that AREN'T shrouded (such as her cheese, her apple, etc...).

It's SUPER easy to do - just run to a fabric store and grab a couple yards of purple fabric (something nice and drapey that won't fray easily), and cut it into pieces to cover any crucifixes, statues, icons, etc. in your house.  Then on Easter morning it's all uncovered!  The kids ADORE this and are already looking forward to it so much.  

I was pretty proud of Cecilia when she told me, "And on Easter, Jesus will be risen! And all the statues and pictures will be uncovered! AND we'll go on an Easter Egg hunt!!!"

YES! In that order - good girl :)

Mary Claire was the twin who got to go to Mass with us this morning, and I'm hoping her behavior was a sign that she's turned a corner - surprisingly quiet, and she's finally figuring out how to whisper! Having older siblings as a good example REALLY does help, thank goodness.

Linking up with Fine Linen & Purple for What I Wore Sunday - what are YOU wearing?

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