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Sunday, March 15, 2015

We had a lazy Saturday around here - it was rainy and gray, so nobody really wanted to go out and *do* anything...  Which gave me a chance to try my hand at making cinnamon crunch bagels for Sunday's breakfast!

I used this recipe (with 1/2 cup cinnamon chips added) but I think I'm going to try this one next time and see which I prefer.  I always want to find a way to set Sundays apart in our house, and food is a great way to do that! But when you have to get out the door in time for the 8:30 Mass and your husband leaves for his Mass right after you get home? There isn't a whole lot of time to make a big beautiful brunch!

These bagels, though...  With my kitchen helpers, I think we could try something like this on a weekly basis to make Sundays a little more special.

Not the prettiest, but they were definitely tasty!

Mary Claire slept in, so I took Elizabeth to Mass with the older kids and...  Well, they've definitely been better.  I'm reading a discipline book right now that I generally like, except for the part that says not to bring kids to church, because they'll just distract you and everybody around you.  

Was I distracted by their behavior? Certainly. But I get distracted by the sequins on the lady's jacket in front of me, the strong perfume on the woman next to me, the odd combover on the man in the front pew... It doesn't take much! Thankfully the Mass is still the Mass whether we pay perfect attention or not! And if you're prone to distractions the way I am, you're probably already reading all the readings ahead of time to help focus you a little more!

Anyway, here's what we wore to match "the PINK pwiest!!!" as Elizabeth joyfully shouted out:

Their faces.  I'm dying.  This is SO their personalities!  John Paul has sadly outgrown his pink pants.


And John Paul requested one last picture :)

The weather's warming up and I'm hoping more of you will get a chance to snap pictures of your Sunday style and link up with Fine Linen & Purple

What are you wearing/baking/cooking these days? I'd love more ideas!

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