Pita, Painting, and Baby Smiles {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, March 13, 2015


I let the kids paint, and for the first time ever got something representative out of a painting!!!

Usually it's just brown blobs everywhere.  John Paul's actually ended up being a purple blob because all he cares about is mixing colors.  Then Cecilia's next painting sent her into hysterics because she accidentally got purple in her yellow paint and it wouldn't come out and EVERYTHING WAS RUINED!!! So she refused to keep painting but was eventually calmed down by markers.

You see why this is a penance for me???

I even did Michele's sensory bin with them yesterday!  It went about as well as I expected - they LOVED it, but Mary Claire kept eating the rice and scattering it on the floor...  Then when I went to get her out of her crib after like, her 6th time out, I found Cecilia sitting on the floor and Elizabeth slowly dropping rice on her head singing, "Rain, Rain Go Away."

So the twins are banned from any sort of sensory bin for the next few months :P  But their "baptisms" if various saints were pretty adorable. 

(And this week's craft was a lacing cross, if you missed it)


Luckily they spend a whole lot of time being seriously adorable to make up for their naughtiness:

I don't think the girls realize just how blessed they are to have each other - 3 girls in less than 2 years!  But watching them play together is SO fun when they're all getting along.  They're the sweetest!


And speaking of getting along and playing together...  John Paul is on a SERIOUS card games kick right now. The girls are mostly indifferent, unless he wants to play the dollar store bible-themed go fish game we have.  Then they're totally up for it and John Paul is ecstatic!


Elizabeth's facial expressions.  Kid cracks me up!


Peter is not exactly a low-maintenance baby...  He requires nursing, holding, or gazing pretty much 24/7.  But the wonderful thing about big kids is that THEY can do that gazing!!!

Which leaves me free for like, 4 whole minutes to go to the bathroom or cram some food in my mouth without having to bounce a baby the whole time!!!


I shared the recipe for this easy pita bread this week and apparently posting it made me crave it because...  I made it again!  Seriously, it's amazing! And perfect for a meatless meal, too!


One more of Captain Combover for you!

Warm temperatures have sent me scrambling for clothes for him - he's pretty much entirely in John Paul's hand-me-downs, but John Paul was a July baby and he's a November baby so we're still off with the seasons...  This 6-12 month romper looked huge on him!  He's 4 months and 15ish pounds and definitely has a ways to go before he fills this out!

Well, if this post doesn't satisfy your mom blog fix, I don't know what will!  Linking up with Kelly before I start talking about potty training or bodily fluids...

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