Why We Don't Homeschool

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Because on any given day, this is what the kids are doing on their own:

Attempting to measure themselves with John Paul's measurement chart (math)

Reading. All the time. Everywhere. 
(Religion, Science)

And John Paul frequently disappears to do research throughout the day - he wanted to find out the order of bones in "Dry Bones" so he consulted his anatomy book and got carried away...


Family & Consumer Sciences

Art (Cecilia), Math (John Paul)

Handwriting & Spelling (but heaven forbid I try to get him to do copywork...)

Math (playing blackjack, or "21" which sounds less gamble-y)

Cecilia said, "If I add a D, it'll make the word CARD!" (Spelling, reading)

And religion again...

So you can see why I struggle to give an answer when people ask what we're "doing" to homeschool the kids.  What are we doing?  Um...  Nothing?

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