Two-Year-Old Mass Behavior & WIWS

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Lately things have settled down a little bit around here, so I've been bringing one twin each week to Mass with me (as well as John Paul & Cecilia) while Andrew stays home with the other twin and the baby.  It's pretty nice actually, because I think we have, for the most part, reached that point where they're not terrible at Mass, and don't need to be taken out for bad behavior.

And that's a serious relief, because I had somewhat convinced myself that since we weren't taking them to Mass, they'd never learn to behave. Every time I read a well-meaning blog post or article about how you must take your children, every one of them, to every single Mass possible because otherwise they will never learn to behave I cringe, because the people who write that advice?  Yeah, they tend not to have twins to deal with.  Or 3-under-3, or 4-under-4...  

So never fear, parents who are tag teaming Mass - there is no shame in leaving a child or two at home if you need to.  It doesn't make you "less Catholic," it just probably makes you "more sane."

Anyway, Elizabeth is by far the winner in the behavior department, considering she is really good at whispering (Mary Claire's only volume is "incredibly loud and nasal") and she has finally stopped screaming when we go back to the pew after Communion.  Although this week she got in trouble for blowing tiny little raspberries and very quietly trying to make a break for the altar when I was occupied with Cecilia.  But considering how difficult John Paul and Cecilia were at this age?  I'll take it.

I hope you enjoy these blurry outfit shots - after all, what would this blog be without them?

I'm wearing a wonderfully forgiving Old Navy jersey pencil skirt via ThredUp (which now has free returns! I may need to revise my review post...) and a scarf that was stolen from me for dress-up purposes and now has a hole in it.  Actually, I didn't wear that scarf for Mass, but the scarf I had been wearing conveniently disappeared, only to be found later on John Paul & Cecilia's floor.

Also tights that have a hole in the big toe - can I fix that? I think they're going in the trash actually, because there are also snags all over and I keep having to pull them up...

I hope your Lent is going well - signs of spring finally seem to be popping up around here, which makes the anticipation of Easter so much more tangible!

Meanwhile, our icons that were Christmas presents (and one baptism present) are still waiting to be hung on the wall...  And I might keep waiting because they'll just need to be shrouded soon anyway!

I leave you now to go yell at Elizabeth to calm down and go to sleep, since she's currently hollering Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs.  March what? 

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