10/52: Their Favorite Things

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

All the kids seem to have a single "favorite thing" that they spend the majority of their indoor time doing these days - I had to capture it before they move on to something else!

Peter (16 months) loves pulling open the drawer with our plastic IKEA dishes, stacking them on the little table, and then putting them all back. At least, he used to put them back... Now he's taken to scattering them around the house, which is slightly less cute.

John Paul (6.5) got a paper airplanes book from the library and spent almost 2 weeks straight folding and launching over and over and over again. The floor is littered with the contraptions, both successful and failed, and his schoolwork has been neglected as he attempts to figure out the complex origami folds. 

Cecilia (5) has professed a newfound love for milkmaid braids, which means I have to figure out how to manage them decently on a head of slippery hair that won't stay put in any hairstyle... Her reading skills are crazy at this point - how has she come so far this year with absolutely no instruction??? She tells me she wants to go to "real school" and I tell her that she'd spend the entire time bored out of her mind because she *knows* everything she'd be learning if she went to kindergarten in the fall! 

Mary Claire and Elizabeth (3) are hardly ever out of each other's sight - they love to curl up on the couch reading various books and catalogs together, making up twin inside jokes (twinside jokes? Ha!), and giggling wildly at who even knows what!

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