Plastic Animals, Chick Expulsion, & Dollhouses {7 Quick Takes}

Friday, March 11, 2016

Linking up with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum for 7 Quick Takes Friday!

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The girls have been playing an amazing game with their dollhouse people and the big Schleich animals - it mostly seems to involve them all riding various animals to different locations around the house. Giraffe rides, elephant rides, horseback rides... It's incredibly exciting for all involved!


Apparently the bears even babysit!

 I'm not certain how effective they are, lacking opposable thumbs and all... Perhaps the gorilla would be a better option?


Then I found myself mediating a dispute between an elephant and a polar bear. Elizabeth came running to me in tears because the elephant Mary Claire was holding had smashed the polar bear Elizabeth was holding.

Me: Okay, well let's talk to Elephant to tell her what she did wrong... Elephant, you really hurt Polar Bear and made her sad!
Mary Claire, holding Elephant: *elephant sound*
Me: Elephant, you're so heavy and you hurt Polar Bear's feelings when you smashed her. Polar Bear, would you like Elephant to apologize?
Elizabeth, holding Polar Bear: *growl*
Mary Claire, holding Elephant: *elephant sound*

Twins make animals kiss each other.

This went *much* better than fights between the twins usually go. I think I have a future in plastic animal counseling.


Back to the dollhouse. It was a Christmas present to all the kids and it is SO funny watching them play with it. Apparently none of the people are parents - the parents are gone at work all day, every day, and the children stay home and take care of the baby. They use the dolls to act out their fantasies:

Cecilia, holding the big sister doll: Big Sister has to do all the cooking and cleaning around the house because Mom is *always* nursing the baby.

John Paul: And now Big Brother is watching some Star Trek!

Everyone sleeps in one room, with one doll lying in the crib holding the baby. It's a very... Interesting family dynamic.


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The chickens have been expelled from the mudroom after one too many close calls in which one of them kept flying up and perching on the edge of their brooding box. It always hopped back in, but once I found poop on the floor, I knew we were done.

They now have a luxurious 8-panel baby gate penning them in - perfect for Christmas trees, twins, and chickens!

Peter is sad that now he can't reach the chicks to terrorize them...

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