What I Wore Sunday: Passiontide

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Happy Passiontide!

First things first, would you pop on over to Dwija's and say a prayer for her and her baby Helen? Thanks!

Here's what I wrote about Passiontide last year - it's always kind of fun to be at a new parish and see how they observe the tradition of veiling the statues, since there's a pretty wide range of observances. What does your parish do?

We like to veil things at home too, and the kids get really excited about it because they know it means that Holy Week and Easter are close!

Newly-haircutted Peter was *very* confused that he couldn't see his favorite statues, but by the end of Mass he just kept pointing to them and saying "Soud!!!"

Apparently that was exhausting, since he fell asleep on the way home...

(He has been improving his "worst napper ever" status at home, and has *always* been the absolute best car baby ever!

Since he was asleep in the car, we went to take pictures outside to keep an eye on him.

I'm wearing a too-long maxi dress from Golden Tote (knotted to keep from dragging), my favorite boots, and a Gap button-down from ThredUp (they're having a 20% off + free shipping sale right now with SAVINGS20 as the code, if you're looking for anything).

In my hair? A Lilla Rose bobby pin (the only kind I can get to stay in my hair) - my giveaway ends today if you want one of your own!

In honor of Daylight Savings Time preventing me from eating breakfast, we stopped for a treat on the way home - gotta find that silver lining, right?

Next week the linkup is back over at Fine Linen & Purple - thanks for letting me host, Holly!

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