11/52: What They Said

Monday, March 21, 2016

We managed to get outside quite a bit for the warmer temperatures this past week! Sadly, it cooled down again, as you can see from John Paul's attire in the last picture...

Peter (16 months): All-a-all-a-all-a-all-a!!! (What he calls my mom's dog, Olive)

Cecilia (5): I want all girls at my birthday party. Well, all girls and ONE boy... Hugh (who is a year old) can come.

John Paul, angry: WELL. God gives you what He gives you!

Nothing like an angry reminder of Divine will.

You can tell we're real country because there's a tank of propane lying around and cows in the background.

Elizabeth (3): Mom, what does "e" say?
Me: "E" says "ee" and "eh."
Elizabeth: NO!!! "E" says "uh!!"
Me: No, "U" says "uh."
Elizabeth: But "E" is for Elizabeth!!!
Me: Well... Yes... But in Elizabeth, "E" kind of says "uh..."
Elizabeth runs off to grab paper and pen: Cecilia, can you write Elizabeth with a "u?"

So now she's insisting that her name be spelled "Ulizabeth..."

Thanks, phonics?

Mary Claire (3): Mom, I'm making you a honey cake. First we put da honey on... And den... Da ketchup. Den we put it in da microwave, to make it sweet. Here, it's cool now so you can eat it.
Me: Yum!!! Would you like a taste?
Mary Claire pretends to nibble: It tastes like cinnamon!

So there you have it! Honey + ketchup = cinnamon?

John Paul (6.5), correcting me while we sing a hymn: No. No no no no. Like this. *starts singing maybe a quarter step higher* You're sometimes out of tune, Mom...

The trials of having a child with perfect pitch.

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