Our Lady of the Stomp Rocket {PHFR}

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Can I make a confession?

I kind of hate forsythia.

I just think the yellow of the flowers is... Ugly. I mean, I love that they bloom so early in spring, and it's probably because that way they don't have to compete with any of the *pretty* flowering plants but... Yuck.

On the plus side, though, the birds in our yard *love* our bushes, and we spend a lot of time just observing the sparrows (that's a sparrow on the left, right? I'm still learning...) and other birds in the forsythia bushes, since it's their favorite haunt.

I'm gonna go ahead and say this is a "warm color" picture - yellow is warm, right? - and link up with Micaela's Theme Thursday!

My mom and the kids planted a ton of crocuses on the front lawn, and we're having a lot of fun figuring out which ones are actually coming up - they're *tiny* and scattered amidst TONS of onion grass, so they can be easy to miss!

And speaking of the onion grass... Oh goodness, it's out of control. SO BAD. But the kids love to eat it, so they rip it up by the handful, chew it, and come inside smelling like salad dressing.

Daffodil? Jonquil? Does it really matter?

We have a TON of lilac bushes and now I'm realizing that I have no clue when lilacs actually bloom...

And it doesn't help that we live in a different zone now (6b), so my sense of when things *should* bloom is totally thrown off...

Our peach tree (the mature one - the ones we planted are still tiny!) is blooming, and the blossoms smell SO good! These peaches are the absolute most delicious peaches I've ever tasted, and I'm hoping we can figure out some reasonable pest management system so the bugs don't get too many of them this year.

We've got wildflowers growing all over the yard, but mostly don't know what they are... The girls are calling this one "Rocky White" and get SO excited to find them, even though they're *everywhere.*

These tiny blue ones are the first ones we found.

Meanwhile, the chicks are getting huge! Leggy, feathered, and more hen-like every day.

Peter loves getting really close to the horse fence and then backing away when they try to nuzzle him - they're former therapy horses, so I'm not worried... But it's hilarious to watch him go for it and then shy away!

Thank goodness there's a mirror in the chicken coop! Don't know how they'd take their selfies otherwise.

I went outside this morning to see that somebody (probably Peter) gave Mary a stomp rocket as a gift.

The girls quickly removed it and showered her with flowers and onion grass :)

And one last {real} before I stop photo dumping... What would you do with an old record table? It's gotta be good for some sort of repurposing, right? I've got no clue, though.

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