12 More Ways to Keep the Easter Celebration Going

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Alleluia! He is Risen!

After months of being bombarded with pastels, bunnies, and EASTER EASTER EASTER in every retail store, we as Catholics are yet again "behind" secular culture, as their celebrations have ended and ours are just beginning. But how can we keep the Easter celebration going for the full 50 days of the Easter season? Here are some ideas:

Make an Alleluia banner

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Set up a children's prayer table

Sing the Regina Caeli

Make candied bacon - Nothing says He is Risen like bacon, right?

Pray the Glorious Mysteries - Annie's Rosary Roses are a HUGE hit around here - everybody is begging to pray the rosary because they love them so much! Seriously, even the 6-year-old boy adores them!

Give alms - Especially if you never got around to it during Lent!

Sing ALL the Alleluias!

Make a flower wreath - Fresh flowers will wilt within a day, but we're planning on replacing them with silk flowers from the dollar store.

Make a Paschal candle - No, it's not too late! This kit is even on sale right now!

Have a bonfire and burn your palms - Bonus points for doing it on Pentecost!

Have an Easter egg hunt every day - We fill the eggs with animal crackers or whatever small snack foods the kids will already be eating to avoid a constant state of sugar highs! Try stickers, coins, play dough, or other small toys as well if you want to switch things up.

Decorate with fresh flowers - Because nothing says new life like flowers!

What else are you doing to keep celebrating Easter? I'd love to have your ideas linked up with this post

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