What I Wore Sunday {Let's Stab Strangers With Palms!}

Sunday, March 20, 2016

This is going to be another one of those Sundays where I post a photo from weeks ago, because I didn't have my act together enough to take a picture of today's outfit. But you don't mind!

We woke (almost) everybody up early to go to the 7 AM Mass as a family (Peter was already awake), since my mom is out of town (if you're new here, my husband directs the choir at a church an hour away, so my mom and I usually split the kids up during Mass, which goes... Well, better than trying to have them all in the pew together.). Everybody's been particularly whiny lately, but despite that there was still minimal fighting over palms, and only a little bit of unintentional poking of strangers. Nobody seems to have realized what wonderful swords the palms make - I'm sure by next year they all will have caught on...

Mass is always a lot less stressful when Andrew's in the pew with us. He's the one who takes naughty children out, so I can stay in the pew with the less-disruptive ones. It's a *really* nice change from my usual solo wrangling of Peter & a twin while Cecilia "helps." And since we went to such an early Mass, there was time to go get doughnuts afterwards! Win-win!

And now for a photo...

Throwback to when it was warm... We had snow for *hours* yesterday, which has now all melted. Spring is so tricky, you know?

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Dress: Old, similar, similar (with long sleeves)
Peter's absolute favorite toy behind me: Melissa & Doug

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