Monday, March 18, 2013

A Conversation with John Paul

Me:  John Paul, do you want to be a priest when you grow up?
John Paul:  Yes.

Me:  Would you rather be a daddy or a priest?
John Paul:  Or a mommy?
Me:  Well, you can't be a mommy because you're a boy.  Just like girls can't be daddies.
John Paul:  I don't want to be a daddy.
Me:  You don't want to be a daddy?
John Paul:  I don't want to be a priest.
Me:  Then what do you want to be?
John Paul:  Ohhh I want to be a mommy!

Me:  You don't want to go to seminary and become a priest?
John Paul:  ...
Me:  After college, you could go to seminary.  Where do you want to go to college?  It could be Notre Dame, or Northwestern like mom and dad, or you could go to another Catholic school.  Where do you think you want to go?
John Paul:  A Catholic school.
Me:  And then seminary?
John Paul:  Yes.
Me:  And then you can be ordained a deacon.
John Paul:  Ordained a priest!

Me:  First a deacon, then you get ordained a priest.
John Paul:  And then you get ordained a seminarian!   (he's reading this now and says, "And then a bishop.)

Me:  No, you're a seminarian while you're in seminary.
John Paul:  And then a deacon and then a priest! 

Me:  But you don't want to be a daddy?
John Paul:  YES!

Me:  Well if you're a priest, you can't be a daddy.  So which do you want?
John Paul:  Uh...  Ordained in college!!!  *runs off to play with toys*

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  1. It's a good thing he has that decision over with now!


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