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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

 Linking up my five favorites for this week:

Catwalk Curl Creme

When I finally decided to embrace my newly-curly-ish hair (texture changed after I had John Paul, finally gave in 2.5 years later!), this is the product the woman at the salon recommended.  Scrunch into damp hair and TADA!  Non-frizzy curls!

 Trader Joe's Highbrow Chocolate Chip Cookies
I don't *really* like chocolate chip cookies.  And when I do, I like them chewy,  And I don't really want the chocolate chips.  So I *should* hate these, but they're so delicious!  Crispy, buttery, with DELICIOUS chocolate chips that I look forward to with every bite.  These are dipping cookies - perfect with a tall glass of milk.  And while they aren't a *great* price ($4 for 14 cookies), they're so delicious that they're a constant cupboard staple in our house (but I hide them from the kids and get kind of annoyed when anyone else eats them.  Have I mentioned I hate sharing?).
This mobile:
Source:  Amazon
We bought one of these off of Craigslist when John Paul was born, but he never had a crib...  So we would hold it above him and he was mesmerized!
Fast forward to Cecilia...  She rarely slept in her crib, but we could put her in there awake for long periods of time as she stared at these friendly animals.
And now the twins are LOVING it!!!  So much so that I actually got a picture of them smiling at the same time!!!
Plus it buys me 10-20 minutes of cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc.
Source:  Amazon
This swing is magical.  Seriously, magical.  You bet that with twins at home, I need a little help sometimes.  And when one of the babies is ready to take a nap and I just don't have time to bounce/rock/nurse/whatever it takes to get her to sleep, she goes in the swing with lights and music on.  It put Cecilia straight to sleep, and it works exactly the same way on Mary Claire & Elizabeth. 
They decide they don't want to go back to sleep after a late-night nursing session?  Into the swing they go!  It lives in our room so we don't even have to walk all the way to the babies' room to put them back...  And it's a lifesaver for me, since I like co-sleeping to a point.  There comes a time when I JUST WANT THAT BABY OUT OF MY BED for a few hours, at least.
Thank you, swing.
My mom!
Andrew sings professionally at a local Catholic church, so his Holy Week schedule is obviously NUTS.  My mom offered to come help out while he's gone, which is a serious life saver!  We've figured out how to do bedtime when he has rehearsals at 7 or 7:30, since it's not that hard for me to get the kids down once they're all bathed and in jammies.  But trying to bathe the big kids, get the twins diapered & changed, get jammies on the big kids, read a bedtime story, keep John Paul from running aroung the house during prayers, and tuck in the big kids while balancing the nursing twins on the giant twin pillow? 
Yeah, it's tough.
So my mom's going to do it all FOR me!
Well, some of it.  Enough to keep me from going insane :)  Sometimes I think all these children are my Lenten penance.  Then I remember that they'll still be here when Easter comes :P
That's all!  Go check out more at Hallie's!


  1. That picture of the twins is soooo precious. What a keeper. Print it!

  2. Your mom is a pretty great woman! I'll bet she's not quite awesome enough to nurse those babies for you, though, huh? :)

    1. If I could, and if Rosie would let me, I would. I loved nursing. I couldn't do it long enough with any of them, and it was a big hassle to pump, but I loved it.

      And Rosie, how did I miss this??? Thank you so much for putting me on this list of awesomeness!!!!


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