Theme Thursday: Something Green

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Okay, probably everybody will have pictures of some beautiful spring plant shooting up, but that's what inspires me right now, so that's what I'll show you for my green on Theme Thursday!
I grabbed the camera on my way to work this morning and snapped a couple quick shots of the crocuses that just popped up in our front yard.  They're in the shade most of the day since they're under some bushes, so it took a while longer for them to come up.

I used manual focus, but everything else was automatic.  Images are unedited.
And the daffodils are coming up, too!  The ones in the backyard are blooming already, but the ones in the front have a while left.

And I sort of tried to incorporate the rule of thirds?  Right now I'm such a newbie that I'm working on focus & light more than anything else - the shadow on these isn't my favorite, but that's what I get for rushing!
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  1. Oh, I do love crocus!! They are so delicate and pretty and full of joy. I miss them. Thank you for sharing!

    1. There's something about flowers you can't buy at the store that is so amazing - you'll never see a bouquet of crocuses in a flower shop and it makes it all the more special when they pop up out of nowhere!

  2. The purple ones are coming up later because they are always later than the yellow ones. A house near me has yellow ones in full bloom but whites and purples just beginning to come out, and they're right next to each other. Of course it could also be that they aren't in as sunny a spot. This fall, you should plant a bunch of crocuses! Then you will be so happy next spring!

  3. I love, love, love crocuses. Doesn't matter what color, I'm always so relieved to see them. Like, "Whew. We made it through another year to see the crocuses."

  4. Love the purple crocuses! They look similar to my favorite tulips! We don't really see either of them here in Texas, sadly :(

  5. Maybe in heaven, crocuses will come up all the time. I don't think it would make them any less special. Beautiful pictures!

  6. I love all the pretty spring flowers. Hooray for spring!

  7. Once upon a time our neighbors bought 100 tulip bulbs and planted them in their flower beds. Then the squirrels went and had a little party and re-planted them all over our yard. Now we have surprise daffodils every year! Plus, this all happened before we bought the house, so we don't feel guilty about it!!

  8. I wish we had something growing here. Our yard is just a swamp right now. Lovely flowers. =)

  9. Crocus! Being from CA, I don't have the same reaction that other other people do: namely that winter is ending. But they sure are beautiful! And manual focus? High five!


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