7 Quick Takes - Pope Edition

Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm being super-original here - posting all about the Papa for my Quick Takes!
Some people are having trouble telling the difference between Pope Francis & George Bluth.  If Arrested Development doesn't use this to their advantage, something is wrong.
But I look at Elizabeth and see a striking resemblance!
The eyes...  The ears...  The bald head...

What if I add glasses and a zucchetto?
Okay, fine...  But I dare you to find a better baby doppelganger!
Me:  John Paul, what do you want the new pope's name to be?
JP:  John Paul the first.
Me:  ...Uh...  He's dead.
JP, sobbing:  Nooooooo!!!
Aunt Sister:  John Paul, who's our new pope?
Cecilia:  NO.  Fwancis!
Shot down by the 2-year-old - ouch!
While Elizabeth's "zucchetto" is actually a doll diaper, I might get my craft on and make a real one for John Paul:
pope craft for kids zucchetto w
I'm REALLY not crafty...  But cutting felt into a circle, making a couple snips & using felt glue to finish it off?  Yeah, I think I can handle that!
Now I'm looking for Argentinian-themed food to serve whenever we finally have a housewarming party/house blessing - it'll have to be Pope-themed!  So obviously Argentine Malbec will be served, and we'll have to cook some steaks with chimichurri sauce, empanadas, grilled provolone, chorizo, maybe this ravioli...  Oh man this makes me hungry!
How soon do you think it'll be before there are a whole bunch of Francises toddling around the back of the church during Mass?
 Where were you?  I had just finished teaching my 7th period class when the orchestra director (a Catholic with 5 boys) came in excitedly because WTOP had texted her about white smoke.  I checked my phone - no text from Pope Alarm...  8 minutes later, I finally got a text.  22 minutes later I got an email.  Next pope, I'm totally signing up for a better alert system! 
So I got home as quickly as possible, took the kids downstairs, and set up nbc to stream on the TV (which Andrew has connected to the computer, brilliant man!), and sat there watching nothing for a while...
The kids were SO excited because they don't get to watch TV.  But they quickly realized nothing was happening, which is why Cecilia watched from a storage bin...
And John Paul watched while spinning around a pole.  They call it the "watering pole" and I have no idea why...

They stopped their playing briefly to wave and say, "Hi, Pope!"  So at least in 20 years they'll be able to say they watched the new pope being announced!
And that's that!  Go do some pope-themed activities, eat some pope-themed food, make a pope-themed craft, and check out what everyone else has to say over at Jen's!


  1. Elizabeth with the glasses and zucchetto- dying!

  2. 6. Well, let's see. Any male baby born from today on could be toddling in about nine months, if he's really good. So nine months could see the start. But a whole bunch? Well, we never did see a *whole bunch* of John Pauls, did we? I wonder if there will be some Franceses, too. The female ones, that is. If their parents can spell. :-/ (No offense meant to you, Dwija. I know your name is not a misspelling.)

    I'm kind of excited for your cousin Francis, Aunt Rosamond's first, who is Francis only within the family. I think he goes by Frank. But maybe this would change his mind. Daddy used to know somebody whose first name was Ignatius and went by Iggy, but now he goes by his full first name.

    1. I've met TONS of John Pauls - almost every large Catholic family either has one or has one for a cousin. They're everywhere!

  3. I already have a Frances! She doesn't toddle around at Mass though. She usually sits with a family friend and pretends she doesn't know us while she follows along nicely at Mass. I'm excited to pray for Bishop Frances and Pope Frances every week. :)

    1. It always threw me for a loop when we prayed for our Pope John Paul and Bishop John and THEN Pope John Paul & Bishop Paul... You guys AND Chicago (don't know who else) will have bishops with the same name as the pope!

      I bet there will be more Franciscos and Francescas than other versions - Francesca especially seems to be gaining in popularity.

    2. Good job, beating the rush with your Frances! ;-)

  4. I love little Popette Elizabeth up there. And although I had not thought of the George Bluth connection, I can totally see it! We will also be praying for Francis our Pope and Francis our bishop for the first time this weekend...should be interesting. (I sometimes still expect to hear "John Paul our Pope, Walter our bishop..." because that's how it was for so long when I first became Catholic).

  5. Oh, hey, #7—I bet I know why the kids call that pole the watering pole. I've been explaining downspouts and splashblocks to them, and maybe the pole looks like a downspout. And in The Eensy Weensy Spider, it's called a waterspout. So they have combined them.

    John Paul and I have fun saying "splashblock." You can do it with a lot of air and even some spit, so we need to say it right next to each other's faces. Very intellectual!

  6. We had an impromptu Pope party on Thursday night - and while I was secretly hoping for an American or Italian Pope because I can handle the cuisine - my first stab at Argentinian turned out better than expected! We did steaks with chimichurri & grilled provolone, too! Only 2 comments: 1) the cheese didn't grill as well on a George Foreman as the pictures I say online (but still tasted good)...2) your party will not be complete with out some Dulce de Leche sauce (we put ours on vanilla ice cream, and it was delicious!!)

    Also, my husband already suggested we incorporate Francis into the next child's name! (Actually, he suggested prior to the announcement that use whatever name was chosen!)

  7. Me: Cecilia, say, "Hello, Your Holiness!"
    Cecilia, disdainfully: "Your Howiness is NOT here."


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