7 Quick Takes - Conversation Edition

Friday, March 22, 2013

This week, I bring you 7 short conversations with the big kids.  They never stop cracking me up!  But first, a smiling picture of the babies because they're just too cute not to share again:


Cecilia, sitting on the potty:  May I pweez have a square?
*I hand her a square of toilet paper*
Cecilia:  It has a fwower.  I wike dis toiwet paper.  I WUV DIS TOIWET PAPER!!!


Cecilia:  Ummm what ammopeace?
Me:  What?
Cecilia:  What ammopeace?
Me:  What ammo peace?
Cecilia:  What AM-mal PEES?
Me:  Oh, what animal pees?  Um...  All of them?
Cecilia:  Wiiiike?
Me:  A dog pees.
Cecilia:  And a cat pees!  And a enephant pees!  And a baby pees AND poops!  A baby a animal?
Me:  Is a baby an animal?
Cecilia, giggling:  No!!!


John Paul, reading a link from his prayer chain:  Say an extra Hail Mary for those who are depressed.  *gleefully*  I'm depressed!!!
Me:  No you're not.
John Paul:  I'm depressing!  I need to get a tongue depressor!


Cecilia, to Aunt Sister:  Oh, I WUV your boots!  And your head is VEWWY beautiful!

From Little Miss Fashion, who chose to accessorize her peach Easter dress with a purple shirt, Minnie Mouse socks, and John Paul's red basketball shorts.  So you KNOW that a compliment from her really means something!


*I walk into the kitchen to discover Cecilia about to drink a container of Papa John's dipping sauce and John Paul trying to open the babysitter's protein shake*
Me:  John Paul, would you like a little bowl of Cheez-its as a snack?
John Paul, in a very small voice:  Maaaybe that would be awesome...


John Paul:  I'm a BFF!
Me:  You're a best friend forever?
John Paul:  Yes!  And I'm an OB!
Me:  You're an obstetrician?
John Paul:  AND I'm an obligation.
Me:  What?
John Paul:  I'm a holy day of obligation. 
Me:  Uh...  What holy day of obligation are you?
John Paul:  August 15th.
Me:  Oh.  So what does that make you?
John Paul:  I'm the Assumption!!!


John Paul, spinning around in circles and then hugging Cecilia:  Oh, I have found my dancing partner for life!

Happy Friday!  Go check out more Quick Takes over at Jen's.  Thanks for hosting!


  1. Too cute! It's so great that you're documenting all those priceless things they say. Blogging is such a great tool for putting together a scrapbook of memories.

  2. They are so cute!!! I love the "I'm a holy day of obligation" conversation especially!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh! Those are all absolutely hilarious. I especially love the holy day of obligation and the your head is vewy beautiful.

  4. I would be very honored if a toddler told me I had a beautiful head. Instead my two-year old told me that my bellybutton was in the wrong place. :)

    1. Where did he think it should be???

      I hope you have immortalized his words on your blog.


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