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Sunday, March 17, 2013

I loved the Psalm response today - "The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy."  I get stressed on Sundays - it always seems like we're in a huge rush to get out the door because there's only one morning Mass we can make (Andrew sings at an Extraordinary Form Mass at noon, so he has to run out the door for rehearsal as soon as we get home), and then we're rushing home from Mass so that Andrew can leave, and we spend all of Mass trying to wrangle the kids and wipe up spit-up and maybe pay attention in between the shushing and the puking...

But we are so blessed.  And I know it, but I forget to be thankful.  So having that reminder, "The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy" really brought a smile to my face, because our lives are so filled with joy all thanks to the Lord.  If it weren't Lent, you know I'd be saying the A-word all over the place!

Anyway, we also wore some stuff to Mass today - hey there, Fine Linen & Purple!

You know what?  It's March.  And that means SPRING clothes to me!  Even though it's still winter...

So Cecilia wore her new green seersucker dress, because she's really the only one of us who has anything green...  Ok, it was 40 degrees when we left the house.  She was wearing leggings and 2 sweaters, but she shed both sweaters at Mass and took them off immediately at home, too.
You can tell she did a great job (sarcasm) at Mass because even before we left the house she started crying that she wanted to wear a ponytail instead of her chapel veil.  Not an argument worth having with a 2-year-old.  It only went downhill from there.

John Paul, however, did a great job!  Just sat there reading the hymnal getting VERY excited every time he found a Latin chant that he knows.

Top:  Mudd via Kohl's super-clearance
Tank: Yummie Tummie nursing cami via Zulily (NO I did not pay $68 for a tank top!)
Skirt:  H&M
Belt:  Hijacked from my new pink pants
Shoes:  Marshall's sometime in college
Baby:  Mary Claire
Veiled saint statues:  Purple fabric via Joann's Fabric
Not pictured:  Elizabeth, green scarf
Close-up on the shoes (and the stockings that make me look like a ghost...)
And for fun, this is how I changed to make the outfit more home-appropriate:
Hmm...  A darker tank is probably necessary, but I'm too lazy to change now.  This week's assignment:  Buy a full-length mirror so I don't have to take a picture to figure out if the oufit works or not!
Check out some other ladies & their fine styles!


  1. Rosie, you look gorgeous!

  2. You look so perfect, as always! I don't know how you do it.

  3. Very cute! I love the pencil skirt and the versatility of the shirt with the skirt and with jeans. Way to go on the heels!

  4. I do not understand how such a beautiful woman came from Daddy's and my genes. The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy!

  5. I love that full blouse tucked into that high-waisted skirt — very chic!

    We used to drive two cars to Mass every Sunday so Ryan could stay and sing for EF at noon. It got to be too crazy, and we only have one kid. You are a patient, patient lady.

  6. Your church outfit is just so elegant, Rosie!

    And I love how you translated it into casual for later today!

    As usual, your littles could not be more adorable.

  7. I am SO impressed with those shoes while wrangling kids! I always find I'm so impatient if my feet are uncomfortable....which is super pathetic, I know.

  8. wow. you look great period but you look insane for having birthed twins recently.

    willn't be jealous. I won't!!!!!

    and I'm with you. I HATE this weather. officially depressed and doubling up my vitamin D from now on.

  9. You look great...love that pencil skirt. Looks great on you!

  10. Great outfit! Love, love, love the pencil skirt and the shoes...and the baby on your hip as well. (Her shoes are pretty darn cute, too.)

  11. I love both the smart and the casual looks- but I think that skirt is the decider for me :) You look awesome! That psalm response is so great, I think sometimes it can be easy to push aside the great joy we are given and just focus on the negatives- God is good :D

  12. WOW Miss Rosie you look fabulous my friend!! I LOVE those shoes. They are stunning. You know I have a thing for shoes. I also really like the jeans and boots for home. So cute.

    Have an awesome week my friend!!

  13. You look great! Love that pencil skirt! Pretty, pretty shoes too...

  14. That's one of my favorite responsorial psalms, I was delighted when I saw it in our Mass book today! Every time I see pictures of your little Cecilia I get teary eyed. We plan to name our next daughter Cecilia (assuming we have another girl someday) and I guess now that I'm trying to explain it I don't know why that makes me so emotional. Wow, way to make myself sound like a weirdo.

    Love your skirt and shoes!

  15. Thank you for labeling your baby accessory :)

    And yes, I love my full length mirror! I second your wanting to get one.

    I'm always amazed you get everyone out the door to mass with clothes on (and looking good) every weekend. Bravo.


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