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Friday, March 8, 2013

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 210)
Andrew gets annoyed at me for refusing to do tummy time.  So I gave the twins tummy time (for maybe the 4th time ever?), and Elizabeth did this for 5 minutes and then rolled over.  Little jerk!  Doesn't she know she's supposed to stay immobile?
Mary Claire, as you can sort of see, remains prone on the floor.  Like a GOOD baby!
Sister is visiting!  Which means an extra set of hands to do baby holding, bottom wiping, lunch making, naptime, you name it!  She's basically the best.

And we get to talk in real life about weirdos who won't stop commenting on their misinterpretation of her most popular blog post ever (Seriously folks, she's not advocating that you bring kids to Mass and force them to scream the whole time.  She's reminding you that it's not the end of the world if your kid makes a noise.  Get over it.  And stop trying to start fights on the internet.).

Jamie sent over an adorable housewarming basket, complete with zucchini bread that John Paul carved a giant hunk out of with a butter knife, a maze book that John Paul has gone through about 6 times, trying each maze in a different color each time, and princess coloring pages with markers!
As you can see, the children are REALLY good at coloring. 
But actually, Cecilia is.  Her stomach?  A beautiful shade of blue.  Nose?  Burnt sienna.  Ears?  Blue.  Cheek?  Blue.  Heater in the playroom?  Well, it'll wash off :P
She also decided that the cool thing to do is to bite off the ends of crayons and spit them on her stomach.  Needless to say, she is banned from coloring for the time being.
Speaking of Jamie, she's coming to our house tomorrow!  It's like we were internet dating and we're finally ready to make the jump into real-life friendship only we don't need to meet at the mall because we both blog and facebook so much about our lives that we can't POSSIBLY be making it up! 
And also Sister met her already, but that's beside the point!
Cecilia and Clare are going to teach each other how to wipe bodily fluids all over inappropriate surfaces.  There may be a three-legged mud race.  And don't worry, I'm hiding the crayons!
Cecilia in a ponytail.  And a ballerina dress.

I gave John Paul & Cecilia the compost bin to empty into our compost pile.  So they put on their snow boots (no snow left in our yard) and traipsed through the mud, each holding the handle of the bucket.  Then John Paul got distracted because he felt like sitting in the mud, and Cecilia emptied the entire thing herself.  While sitting on the compost pile.  In her tutu.
If I hadn't been nursing a baby, I would have gone outside to take a picture.  You'll just have to imagine the juxtaposition!
My laziness has paid off!  I never put away the newborn clothes the twins outgrew, and some friends of ours just had a 6 pound baby girl!  Needless to say, she will be well-supplied with clothing :)
That's that!  Happy weekend!  Go read more Quick Takes!


  1. That's so cool that you and Jamie get to meet each other tomorrow! Ya'll have fun now, ya hear! :))

    1. It was fabulous! Now you'll have to come visit, although it might be a long trip ;)

  2. Oh noooooooooo!!! Ok I feel bad but slightly relieved that my kids aren't the only ones having this kind of trouble with the art supplies :)

    Our apt building is locked down and I hope Meg didn't think I was trying to screen her to make sure she wasn't really a creepy middle age man...the leasing lady ran up to check with me because I didn't answer the phone in time because I was feeding Emeric hahaha

    Can't WAIT!!

    1. That's what happens when I leave them unattended with markers! Rookie mistake.

  3. You forgot to mention that she also BITES THE TIPS OFF MARKERS!! Seriously, what is wrong with that child?

    1. And then spits THOSE on her stomach too. Banned from art forever,

  4. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth is so cute!
    I loved your sister's blog post. It is really ridiculous that people try to start fights about it.

    1. I was so worried about her being cute because of the bald head and big ears, but she carries it well and her smile just lights EVERYTHING up!

  5. Online friend dating; ha! I've met so many great bloggers online but have not had the opportunity to meet any of them personally.Jealous!

    1. If we didn't all have all these kids we could totally do one of those mom blog conventions. But something tells me that trying to organize a group of perpetually pregnant, nursing, or otherwise ridiculously busy moms would be impossible!


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