Firmoo sponsored post - How do I look in glasses?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Okay folks, I need your opinions:
Can I pull off the glasses look?
Cecilia says I look like a librarian, but that is VERY exciting for her.  Andrew thinks I look stupid.  I'm not sure if they're too big or not...

Do I look like maybe not a 16-year-old?  (Or have I passed that point already?  I'm excited to look my age someday!)
I received an email from, an online glasses retailer, inviting me to try a pair of glasses for free in exchange for a blog review.  I was all over it!  After all, they're the "world's most popular online eyeglass store"!
Here's the thing though - I don't wear glasses.  But I've always really WANTED to wear glasses because I think they make me look older.  And cooler?  No, just older.
So I told them that and they were like, "No prob!  You can get sunglasses tinted to whatever degree you want, or just regular old glasses with glass lenses!"
I ordered my first pair of glasses and something weird happened with the mail.  They decided my address didn't work, and didn't deliver them.  And didn't deliver them.  And then I checked tracking and they were getting shipped back to China!!!  So the awesome folks at Firmoo said, "Hey your glasses that you chose are out of stock but pick a different pair!" 
So I picked a different, WAY MORE AWESOME pair
Blue.  And plaid!  Does it get any more exciting?  You can upload your own picture and virtually try on glasses, but it was a bit of a confusing process for me and I ended up just using one of their models who looked most like me.
Now here's the awesome thing - you can get a pair of your own!  FOR FREE!!!  All you have to do is pay shipping, which I'm pretty sure is still cheaper than heading into a glasses store and buying glasses there.
And can I be selfish and ask for your thoughts on my glasses?  I mostly love them because they're blue & plaid, but if they look stupid on me I don't want to start wearing them.  And I'd pretty much only wear them for work because they're not really practical for home and do I really need to look older for my kids?  I think not.


  1. I think they look great, but they're too big. Can you get them in a smaller size? THey should extend out beyond the sides of your face the way they do (have worn glasses for years, myself).

  2. I agree; they look good, but they are too big. :)

  3. You look like a rockstar!!! But you look like a rockstar without glasses too :)

  4. I like them! I have a pair of hipster glasses I put on for when I'm BEING A WRITER. Like Clark Kent. No longer Supermom, just a mild mannered writer.

  5. You look cute in them. All the cool kids wear glasses, you know.

    And be happy that you look like a teenager! Enjoy it--and hope that you never look your age, no matter how old you get. :)

  6. You look good in glasses! although these may be a tad too wide(?) it could be the camera angle too so you could probably make it work (and your hair looks fab btw too. it looks awesome straight too!) i have to get my eyes checked again and have been thinking of checking into firmoo. sounds like they are easy to work with!

    Have a good Holy Thursday with your kiddos :)

  7. I totally agree you can definitely pull off the glasses look, but these aren't quite right for you. Unfortunately I think the only way you'll find the shape and size that look good on you are to try them on. I'm curious what kind of sunglasses you have - shape and size-wise. Maybe something similar to that would look good.

  8. So cute! I love the blue plaid you chose.

  9. I say adorable, and unless you are seventeen, you don't look your age.

  10. I too was contacted by Firmoo.
    I chose a red pair of glasses - and the prescribition matches my regular glasses! :D

  11. I just read this post, and well, I hope you're wearing those glasses - so fun!


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