Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mud.  We have it in abundance, as is shown on the kids' shoes every time they come in from playing outside:

Side note:  He clicked this pin and wanted to make nature shadow boxes, so I told him to go on a nature scavenger hunt.  30 minutes later, he returned with a bin full of crocuses with a rock and a leaf.  BUT we found out last week that the crocuses pop right back up in a couple of days, so I let the kids pick 'em now!

But hands-down, my favorite kind of mud?
These are SO. GOOD.  An entire stick of butter goes into one 8x8 pan, that's how good.  For some reason, I've only ever found them at Target.

So I figured I owed it to the Theme Thursday participants to strap a baby on my back, bake these, and show you a couple real-life pictures.
Minus 3 that had already been eaten...

Close-up of the crumb crust, gooey marshmallow & fudginess.

Playing with perspective, a la Cari.

You're welcome.
Now go check out other takes on the theme - Mud should be a fun one!  Thanks for hosting, Cari :)


  1. Now I want brownies. Okay, I always want brownies. Now I REALLY want brownies. Brownies are okay for breakfast, right? Mmmm....

  2. Great, now I want brownies too. I'm a sucker for marshmallows too! They look SO good!

  3. Playing outside! In the mud! We need some of that... :)

  4. Oh I love Mississippi Mud Pie and you did great with your perspective. Mouthwatering. I've also done "lets strap a baby to my back so I can get something done today" routine as well. It works out really good on days when they cooperate. lol =)

  5. That closeup of the brownie is ah-may-zing. Seriously. Plus, it's making my stomach growl.

  6. The edible mud? Best one so far!


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