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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy Laetare Sunday!  If you have any pink in your wardrobe, I'm sure you wore it.  I look terrible in pink, so I have none.  But Andrew (in a pink-and-blue bowtie) and the girls all wore pink, so we tried!
Fun fact (thanks, wikipedia):  Did you know that Catholic weddings are traditionally banned during Lent, but are permitted on Laetare Sunday?  Good excuse to get pictures of some awesome vestments :)  Our priest was decked out in rose and it was pretty beautiful!
My "favorite" Mass behavior today?
Cecilia, loud and clear in the middle of the gospel:  "WHO HAD A FART???"
Me:  "Shhhh Cecilia, we whisper at Mass!"
Cecilia:  "Who had a fart?"
Me, resigned: "Who had a fart, Cecilia?"
Cecilia:  "I had a fart!!!"
Anyway, here's my link-up to Fine Linen & Purple:
I practiced with the self-timer on the camera after we got home from Mass, since there was no time this morning (grrrr daylight savings) and Andrew had rehearsal straight afterwards.  As you can see, Elizabeth fell asleep in her car seat during the 4-minute ride home.
I artfully placed that diaper on the floor for contrast.  Or it was already there because that's just how our house looks these days...
Eventually I managed to get it somewhat in focus.  I wore a Forever 21 striped maxi dress with a sheer-ish lacy shirt on top for modesty, warmth, and nursing.  Really it seems like I have a lot of Forever 21 stuff, but it's maybe 2 outfits that are stretchy and somewhat disposable since they were cheap and fit my ever-changing body.  Maybe I'll spend more money on clothes when I'm not a different size every week!
Andrew dressed Mary Claire.  In a red shirt and pink pants.  I don't really know...  But she was liturgically appropriate!
See, even with the baby getting handsy, you see nothing!

And my Bobs, which are like faux-Toms (they even donate a pair of shoes for each pair purchased) and my students love them but make fun of me because they're knock-offs.  BUT they cost the same and I had a coupon ($25 off) for DSW, so I wasn't about to pay full price for a brand I couldn't get in-store!
Cecilia does own her own tiny pink pair of Toms.  And they are AMAZINGLY cute.  And they were -$10, so it's cool.


  1. Oh my goodness, I am obsessed with that dress, and I love how you styled it as a skirt, Rosie! And I have to say, even if you wouldn't have picked it yourself, I'm majorly digging on Cecilia's red and pink outfit; it's one of my favorite color combos =)

    1. Andrew will be glad to know his fashion sense is appreciated!

  2. I laughed out loud when reading about Cecilia's Mass behavior! So funny. Love your maxi dress and its versatility! And your self-timer photos look much, much better than anything I could do. Just curious, what kind of camera do you have? The photos are so clear.

  3. You look lovely, and I love your hair. Does it take long to style or are your waves natural?

  4. I LOVE Cecilia's comments. If only we were all so honest . . .

    I second the question about your hair, bc it is awesome.

  5. You look so super cute! Love the dress and the shirt and shoes. So stylish!

  6. I love your outfit! Where do you live that you can dress so summery in March!? Jealous.

    Your babies are cute. First time here, I will look around and be stalker-ish now.

  7. That dress is great! I'm loving maxi everything right now!

    I also love the shoes! I've never heard of Bobs before though. I'll have to check them out. :)

  8. I never wore dresses when I nursed, and I hated it. This look is inspirational. And I love all the pattern layering. Awesome!

  9. Lace over stripes- a fabulous idea that I've missed until now!

  10. Oh my gosh...love the "Bobs" and your sweet little girl is just precious.

  11. Love the shoes! Oh my gosh those are cool!

  12. Rosie, your story about Cecilia at Mass made me laugh. Your Cecilia reminded me of my Cecilia, my 21-month-old granddaughter (who we call "Cece"). Last week my husband and I were out in CO visiting with my oldest son's family, and we were outside playing with the girls. Cece made a little NOISE in her diaper, and she looked at me and said, "Toot."

    And you look very cute in that maxi-dress! (Cute little accessory on your hip, too.)

  13. I just started doing the blouse/sweater over maxi dress thing and I'm seriously loving it.

  14. TAG! You're it: http://glitterrainbowhappinessland.blogspot.com/2013/03/a-peek-into-my-soul-5-things-liebster.html

  15. love your stripes!
    and the baby too!

  16. Cecilia's comments are now 100x funnier in my head because I can picture her cute little squeaky voice saying it!!!!

    And I'm still working on nailing the sweater over maxi dress thing...let's be honest, I need extra-remedial styling school. I may or may not have worn the black and white sweater every single day this week...ummm when are we going shopping together???


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