Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Like any 2-year-old, Cecilia is VERY opinionated.  I don't remember John Paul caring this much about clothing... ever?  But Cecilia is in love with any and all things pink.  And when she dresses herself, it certainly shows!
She started off in light pink overalls, but decided later on (after the pink tights she wanted to change into were vetoed because she dropped them in the toilet) that hot pink skinnies were the way to go.
Yes, I feed her pink addiction by buying her pink clothes...  But honestly, in the world of girls' clothing, it's hard NOT to!  And the gasp of wonder every time she gets a new article of clothing that's pink?  Amazing!
This is her favorite sweater.  Why?  Not only is it pink, it has a heart zipper.  Underneath?  Pink striped shirt, jeans with sparkly pink buttons, and pink butterfly Toms.  And yeah, I'm letting her wear her Easter hat whenever...  It was $1, I'm considering going back to the Dollar Tree for more!
We had to convince her that she should wear a white shirt under this pink jumper.  She grudgingly took our advice.
One major reason she potty trained at 18 months?  Pink underwear.  Seriously, she LOVES pink!
And want to know how I bribed her to sit still for a hair cut?
A pink lollipop, of course!
And now, an ode to pink:

My favorite parts?  "I WUV pink!  It's so beautifuw!"  And of course, her original pink song.

This kid cracks me up!


  1. I love Cecilia so much! And clearly Mary Claire also does. Your kids are so great at being big siblings!

  2. I avoided pink before Frances was born (and we didn't know she would be a girl), but after she arrived it looked like a Pepto Bismal explosion in my house!!


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