Summer Giveaway - Got Sunglasses?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer!  It's practically here!
As a teacher, I'm preeeeetty happy that summer vacation is here, even though it's technically not summer quiiiite yet.
  And while I don't really have a "vacation" because this just means I'm doing the mom thing full-time, it means no worrying about the babysitter eating half the brisket that's in the slow cooker for dinner, no wondering if there's enough milk in the fridge for the babies, no needing to get dressed and out the door by 8:30... 
And it means a whole lot of play dates, watching the big kids try to push each other and the babies on the swings (Cecilia pushing John Paul = funniest thing EVER!), and day trips on Andrew's days off.  So excited!
With all this time outside and on various outings, I keep my sunglasses with me ALL the time.  But I'm just not a huge fan of them...  They're kind of huge, a little tight, and not all that flattering.  I mean, who has time to try on sunglasses with a trillion kids at home?  Not I!
That's where Firmoo comes in!  Not only can you get your first pair free (INCLUDING sunglasses!), but they offer free shipping for US orders over $39!  And they have an online system where you can virtually try on the glasses after uploading a picture.
You can customize how your sunglasses are tinted, even if you want to look like this lady:
Nobody's judging you, chick!
Here's where YOU come in!  The awesome folks at Firmoo want me to give away five $20 E-vouchers to use on their Classic Series frames.  In addition, if I get 50 or more valid contestants, they'll give the GRAND prize of a pair of FREE glasses from the Classic Series, shipping included!
So what are you waiting for?  Leave a comment to tell me your favorite Classic frame, like my facebook page, follow me on twitter, and tweet about the giveaway!  Not only are you giving yourself a chance to win, you might help someone else win the GRAND PRIZE!
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I received no compensation for this post - I just wanted to give you all a chance to win some stuff!  And if 100+ people enter the giveaway, I get a free pair of sunglasses and I'm thiiiinking of getting purple ones, so enter, okay?


  1. I just got a pair of suinglasses that aren't too small for my giant head and don't give me a headache, but I could use some make-me-look-like-a-grown-up glasses too--#SD2267 - Tortoise

  2. I have just spent far too long poring over glasses frames. SD2249 in tortoise are the current front runner I think...

  3. I could always use another pair of sunglasses!

    1. Erm, just read the instructions. I too like #SD2267 - Tortoise

  4. I like #CP6080 - Black, but really there are so many cute ones!

  5. I think I like the F02 in brown but I'm wondering if those big bug ones at the bottom would be better since anything beyond the dark of night and I'm squinting in the light. My husband thinks I'm a vampire. Thanks for the opportunity! These would certainly be better than my chipped and peeling dollar store pair!

  6. I guess I like #OTO3536 best, but I don't really like any of the classic ones. Unless they are only for sunglasses. In which case, never mind, but this is a comment. Rather like "in her little fur family. This is a song."

    Also, I love that pic of John Paul almost kissing Elizabeth!

  7. Well I could always use a new pait of tortoise shell sunnies ;)

    And does your babysitter really eat the brisket? As a former babysitter, it is very tempting, but as a mom, I'd be ticked!

  8. I'm loving these: #CP6072 - Black... Thanks for throwing this! :)

  9. #SD2299 - love these for sunglasses!

  10. I like the #SD2267 - Tortoise ones too. And I am badly in need of new glasses. I just haven't gotten around to making an appointment yet.

  11. Hmmmm I think I would try the #SD2249 - Tortoise to spice up my face a bit. I don't know if I'd be able to pull them off though, buuuut we will see :). Thank you, Rosie!

  12. Oooo I can't decide as usual...but I kinda like F01 right now...

    But I've been thinking of actually getting some sunglasses for my blind eyes...

  13. #CP6061 - Black and Tortoise is my favorite. I like how they start all formal classic black and then turn a little more exciting!

  14. I just love #OTO3536 in Ivory!

    Thanks for the chance!

  15. #LYST6166 - Pattern,Purple
    Square Sunglasses (polarized if they have)

  16. OTO3574 — I haven't had sunglasses in yeeeeears.

  17. I like any of the ones that have some blue in them!!

  18. F04 Tortoise looks like it would look good on me :)


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