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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cecilia, in the car:  Pwuto (Mary Claire), do you see dose pwetty, handsome cwouds?  God MADE dem so beautiful!

Pwuto and Minnie Mouse

After reading The Way of the Cross for children:

Cecilia:  Who hurted Jesus?
Me:  The soldiers did.
Cecilia:  Dere's NO soldiers at our house!
Me:  That's right.  And what would you do to help Jesus when he's hurting?
Cecilia:  Um...  Say "What-a heck."  WHAT da HECK???


Cecilia:  Dad!  Gweat job cuttin' da gwass!
Turning to me: Mom!  Gweat job cookin' dinner!  Um...  Mrs. Mousewin' gweat job cookin' dinner!  And Mr. Mousewin' gweat job cuttin' da gwass!
Looking at Elizabeth:  And Baby Mousewin' gweat job...  Pwayin' wiff your toys!!!

Gweat job, Baby Mousewin'!

Clearly words of affirmation are her love language!

We are assigned various story/tv characters throughout the day - this is her Angelina Ballerina cast list, in which I am Mrs. Mouseling, Andrew is Mr. Mouseling, John Paul is Marco (from the tv show), Elizabeth is baby mouseling and Mary Claire is baby ballerina.  Of course...


Me:  John Paul, maybe the new swing set will be done before dinner!  Or maybe after dinner!
JP:  Or MAYBE when we see the TADPOLES!

For the record, it has been MONTHS since we even talked about tadpoles.  NO idea where that came from...


John Paul, telling his first original story:  Once upon a time, there was a monster!  The monster had a friend, and it was named Bug.  Bug decided to read a story!  *He tiptoes around, kisses Elizabeth on the head, and begins spinning in circles.  The end?*


Cecilia:  God made Mary Cwaire for ME!
John Paul:  And God made Elizabeth for ME!

Good thing we had twins...  Think I'm supposed to have quads next so they each have their own baby?


Cecilia, eating dinner:  I wike wemons!  And I don't wike...  *thinking hard* poison.

They're always comparing yummy things to poison, and I have NO idea why, because it's not like they've ever eaten poison!  I think it's because pretty much all food is yummy for them, but they know that poison CAN'T be yummy!


In the morning, I heard them fighting in their room even before I got them up...  "Yes!"  "No!"  "YESSY!"  "NO-EY!!!"

Me, opening the door:  Stop fighting!
John Paul:  Good morning! 
Probably a better way to start than mine...
John Paul:  Good morning, Mary Claire!  I love you!
Cecilia:  I have sparkles in my eyes!

And thus began our day...

They're spending as much time as possible on the new swing set, and since it's been raining a ton they come in SUPER muddy...  Bath time has never been so necessary!

I love Elizabeth's face in this one!
Simple pleasures!
The babies have been making a lot of forward progress with their crawling, but sometimes they end up pushing themselves backwards and get stuck under the loveseat...
"I'm drawing the number four, because I'm almost four!
Getting better at the tracing...  These workbooks are the extent of our homeschooling right now!
Although Cecilia pretty much just scribbles, but at least she's working on her grip!
And Mary Claire and Elizabeth are working HARD on this crawling thing!


  1. kids compare yummy things to poison in "I don't like this fish, I think it's poisonous." and then someone always says "Of course it's not poisonous, mom would never feed us something poisonous." Glad they at least have that much confidence in me.

    1. Haha good thing the voice of reason prevails :P

  2. I think as long as you keep having twins you are fine.
    Great post, glad they are having fun with the new swing set.

  3. Ha! Yeah, soldiers, WHAT THE HECK??? Your kids are so so awesome! I love their quotes!

    1. I blame my mom for that one - she introduced the kids to that phrase!

    2. It isn't exactly an uncommon phrase! It isn't like I said they were curmudgeonly or something! ::sniff::

  4. This is one of the funniest blog posts you've written in I don't know how long! And the others are pretty darned funny, too! "Pwetty, handsome cwouds"! ::collapses in helpless giggles::

  5. I just did a kid quotes post too! Oh and my kids are always saying what the heck and goodness gracious. At least those are the phrases they choose to repeat from me.

    Seriously your kid's quotes are awesome!

  6. We were drawing 4s around here too!

    1. 4 a tough one! And I don't like how that book does them... But he's got years to decide how he wants to draw his :P

  7. Where did you find your kids table and chairs. It's really cute!

    I love Cecilia's quotes, they always make me laugh. She sounds so sweet.

    1. They're from IKEA - the table's holding up really well, I'm not sure that the chairs are sturdy enough to last, the paint's already flaking off :/

  8. So much love for this one! Good luck with the quads ;)

  9. They are all just so sweet and cute. I love reading posts like this. Children are just so sweet and bright and sometimes say the funniest things ever! You really have beautiful beautiful children! It is just a great pleasure of mine to read your blog. Seeing your family grow and love life brings me so much joy even if it's just through a silly computer! Have a wonderful week and weekend!

  10. I LOVE the assigning of characters!! We usually get assigned roles from the Muppet movie ;-)

  11. A pleasure to read from beginning to end! (And great pics, too.)


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