What We Wore Sunday - Sort Of?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Well, Andrew had the week off from singing, so we decided we'd try the noon Mass because there was a reception afterwards for our priest who's being transferred this week.  This was a nice break from the 8:30, because we had a loooong leisurely time to get dressed and out the door!  I made lemon-blueberry pancakes, we all stayed in our pajamas for a while, and then started getting ready still way too early...
Which gave us plenty of time to take pictures!
I think Cecilia is finally starting to understand this posing thing?

Although the genuine smile is still a little lacking...

Here's the only shot I got of John Paul's ensemble (he did NOT take the toy clock to Mass).

This is sadly the best shot we got of everyone...  I don't even know why Cecilia's posing like that.
Anyway, outfit details:
Shirt:  Repeat x a trillion, Forever 21
Dress:  Yeeeeeears old from New York & Company
Shoes:  DSW
Mary Claire's godmother, Beth, got coordinating outfits for the twins, which we were pretty excited to debut this week:

But at this point the babies were getting pretty sleepy, even though Elizabeth mostly just wanted to suck on that little tie...  And Cecilia decided to throw a pretty epic tantrum because she wanted to bring Princess Seraphina to Mass but she didn't want Princess Seraphina to wear a dress, or maybe she did but she did NOT want us to help put it on, but it was really upsetting that it was off and cryyyyyyyyy cry cry cry!!!
So we decided to leave Cecilia and the twins home with Andrew so that they could all nap, and John Paul and I went to Mass together.  Poor Andrew has to hit up a Sunday night Mass later, which usually means awful happy clappy music with out-of-tune guitars, but I think this is a no-music Mass, so it should be okay.
John Paul was REALLY excited to sit in the front pew.
He is not ready to sit in the front pew...
No outbursts, just a lot of squirming and asking what words mean and the like. 
So...  Grades?
John Paul:  B
Cecilia:  Disqualified
Elizabeth:  A+ (napped the entire time we were gone)
Mary Claire:  B+ (napped half the time we were gone)
Hopefully we'll all go together next week, assuming there are no huge tantrums before we even get out the door...
Check out more outfits at Fine Linen and Purple!


  1. those dresses slaaaaay me. they are adorable! And Cecilia is my fave -- even over J.

  2. You are all adorable. Cecilia is a hoot. And those coordinating sailor suits on the twins...I love those!

    1. If only we had a baby boy too, we've got another sailor outfit & hat!

  3. The coordinating dresses are big enough to fit all summer! WIN!

    This grading kids about Mass behavior is pretty funny. Will you figure it into their GPAs once you start seriously homeschooling them? It will be in their permanent records!!!! ::snort::

  4. Great outfits! Matching dress; so cute!
    Good husband award for staying with the nap needing babies/toddler!

  5. I love the sailor dresses soooo much. And the bow tie. And Cecilia. :-)
    Really, I just love all of you.

    I bribed Sam today with a worksheet- if he filled it all in (which required paying attention) he would get a treat. And he did. And it was the best family Mass experience we've had in such a long time.

    I haven't yet broken the news to him that we will be going to Mass next week while we're on vacation...contemplating leaving him at the beach house with his grandparents while we go. Would that be wrong?

    1. I've tried worksheets, I don't think John Paul's quite ready because he still wants me to write everything for him... But soon - I can tell we'll be there soon!

      Maybe going to Mass on vacation will be exciting? John Paul always gets REALLY excited by new churches :)

  6. Cecelia is hilarious! Love the smile- she'll get it! And the whole fam bam looks so greatly coordinated :)

  7. Love! The suspenders and bow tie are just too cute. And I love the sailor dresses! And you look great, love the turquoise shoes!

  8. Ohmygoodness. The suspenders and bowtie ... too cute!! I love little boys dressed up like gentlemen. :)

  9. I love the way Cecilia is standing in that last picture...oh my gosh! That is totally something my kids would do..and they are a lot older than Cecilia!

    Those dresses are adorable...I used to have a little Sailor suit for Elsa...i loved it...but sadly she outgrew it months ago.

    And, John Paul's suspenders are the best! There is nothing cuter than suspenders on little boys!

    Really..you all just look fabulous!

  10. Love the outfit!! Especially those teal shoes with the blue skirt

  11. You all look fabulous as always! And we were split Mass goers today too. Cecelia must keep you on your toes...she's a hoot! Looks about as disciplined in front of the camera as our Gigi. :) Also love that Mary Claire got demoted grades for only napping half the time. Too cute. :)

  12. Cecilia's perma-grin is awesome! But those twins are seriously competing for the fav spot with those sailor dresses! Cutest.

  13. i LOL'd at cecilia getting DQ'd. haha. she is too much! love the outfits.

  14. Love your dress/shirt combo! Gotta love F21 :)

  15. But the pressing question is...how do you put your hair in that adorable bun? Link?

  16. I love your shoes! They're such a fun pop of color. And the twins' sailor dresses? Just stop.

  17. So cute!!! You look lovely.

    Andrea @ Momma in Flip Flops.


  18. Aw, SO glad that they wore the dresses! Ga, I knew they'd kind of be swimming in them (ha, they look like those old Victorian swimsuits :) right now, but figured they'd fit all summer and maybe into early fall with tights and sweaters. They make the dresses even cuter!


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