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Friday, June 7, 2013

Two nights ago, bored me was thinking, "What am I to do when I'm nursing the babies to sleep for all these hours and I have already read all the blogs and the entire internet???"

Grace to the rescue!!!  She created a link-up for people to add their favorite posts they've ever written, and I read maaaaaaybe all of them...  But it was so hard to pick just one favorite post!  A bunch of my current most popular posts are on the sidebar, like my birth story with the twins, the time I drew eyebrows on Elizabeth, my nursing rules for babies...  But here are some of my favorites that have been lost in the archives:


My belly wasn't *that* big, but it wasn't until almost 30 weeks in that we found out we were expecting twins...  What would YOUR reaction have been?

33 weeks


Whoever is asleep at the moment?  This was when I finally realized that it's not a cop-out when my mom says we're all her favorites!


I suppose I should have known he would be a ridiculously early reader when he refused to nap without cuddling a book...


I don't think this requires any explanation


4 kids by the age of 26.  Why yes, we DO get frequent comparisons to the Duggars!


Just a typical conversation with a 3-year-old


In case you wanted to ask "Did you PLAN all those babies???" but felt too awkward, here's a story of how they came to be (without too many details, because my mom reads this!).
And because I can't leave a post with so few pictures, here are the kids playing on theur new swing set!
It's HARD to focus on a moving target!

Go check out for Quick Takers at Jen's, where most people are probably not up at 4 AM nursing a couple of babies while the emergency plumber tries to keep the basement from flooding!


  1. next time you get "one of those comments" on how many wonderful blessings from God you have say nothing, stare at the speaker in the eye and blink your eyelids or if your genetics are able, raise an eyebrow ;-)
    signed the crazy Catholic lady who smiles at the big blessed families at church and wishes one of them lived next door to me.

    1. You might not want us to live next door to you when the kids are screaming at the top of their lungs in the back yard just because ;) But with a big enough yard, I suppose it wouldn't be too bad!

  2. Pssss, Rosie, I think the first couple of links are messed up. And I really want to read your discovering you were pregnant with twins post :)

    1. Thanks! I think I fixed it :) Good catch!

  3. Loved the twin post! "Ezra and Nehemiah..." -What a hilarious little guy! I can't imagine why you didn't go with his suggestions!

  4. Oh man...how am I supposed to get any work done when you keep posting all these awesome posts or me to read?

  5. These are truly awesome posts! I'm glad you reminded us of them!

    Also, I am concerned about your basement. I wonder if it's flooded before and that's why the seller put down carpeting. Not that it would have been hardwood anyway, but still. :-/

  6. I really, really loved your post "I'm too young to have all these kids!" when I first read it and it's just as good as a second read. My husband just got a job as a teacher at a Catholic school and we're all like, "Yay, you got a job, we can have more babies." and everyone else (unsolicited) is like, "Yay, David got a job, but it doesn't pay enough for your to grow your family and I know you want more kids so I hope he gets a better job soon." Um, no.

  7. Love this post and the 7 it has with it! Your stories of your family of four littles are so great :)


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