Whaaaaaat a day...

Friday, June 7, 2013

If you're not a fan of the blog posts in which one complains and complains about all the things that are annoying, you might want to skip this one...

Because, you see, today started early.  REALLY early.

To provide you with a little background information, we have a walkout basement with a drain right outside the door that tends to get really stopped up when it rains.  The first time it flooded (only about 5 feet into the basement), Andrew replaced the screen and made sure to keep it clear.  But it kept flooding, so he just started using a huge mixing bowl to bail the area out every time we had monsoon-type rains (which happens a lot in Virginia in the spring).

John Paul the lion tamer.  Because what's a post without random pictures?

Also the babies, who had been champion sleepers for quite awhile, decided that they will now ONLY sleep in their swings.  And only while the lights and music are on.

Anyway, around 1:30 Elizabeth was refusing to stay asleep in bed (because she'll only stay in the swing for like an hour, then she HAS to be snuggled up to Andrew or nursing), so I went to see where Andrew was because he still hadn't come to bed.  I saw that he had fallen asleep on the couch with the lights on, so I told him to come to bed and then went back to bed myself (after putting Elizabeth in the swing, where she just fussed for a while).

Then I started hearing loud noises and what sounded like water...  Confused, I figured Andrew must be busy, so I took Elizabeth back to bed with me and tried to nurse her and snuggle her until she finally decided to sleep.  She slept in fits, but decided it was time to roll over and play around 3:30.  Andrew still wasn't in bed, so I stuck her in the swing and went upstairs to see if he had fallen asleep on the couch.  For some reason all the lights were on and I found out he had called the plumber (who knew they came out in the middle of the night?) because the drain wasn't draining at ALL and the water was coming in the basement and he couldn't do anything about it.

Well, Mary Claire decided this would be a good time to wake up.  So I nursed her, posted my quick takes, and then Elizabeth decided to wake up, too.  Because, you know, 4 AM is the time to wake up and play and poop a lot.  Yeah.

The plumber snaked the drain and everything was fixed, but we still had two very awake babies on our hands.  Andrew played with Mary Claire for a while and I nursed Elizabeth back to sleep and put her in the swing.  Then Mary Claire was willing to nurse to sleep, but not until about 5 AM.  We finally went to sleep and she was up an hour later.  And after 30 minutes of nursing she decided she was totally up for the day.

So do the math and you'll see that we got nooooot a whole lot of sleep last night.

Add that to the fact that it was raining and gross all day and we had to explain to the kids seven trillion times that they can't go outside and play on the swing set in their pajamas and sandals in the pouring rain.

At least they love it in the sunshine!

And add that to the fact that I can't exactly sleep during naptime, since I work part-time so I'm not even home during that part of the day. 

And add THAT to the fact that we have no coffee in the house because we don't drink it and oohhhhh boy could I go for some right now!

Then Mary Claire decided that her new favorite game is to roll onto the hardwood floor, puke a little bit, and explore it with her hands and every bit of her body. 

Then both babies decided they wanted to roll off their rug and pee on the floor during naked time in the morning.

And the babysitter was late.

And it's the end of the school year, so I have little motivation and my students have NONE.

And one of my classes returned their choir folders and music and the janitors carted it away and tossed it all.  THOUSANDS of dollars worth of music and folders, and they just trashed it because it happened to be in a box.

And did I mention that it's raining?  A lot?

Thankfully going to work meant I got to sit down for a while and do some grading while the kids organized the music (we were missing 20 students for various reasons, in a 50-person class, and we're done with our concert so really what else are we going to do?).  And when I got home the babies were in happy moods and were pleased to play on the floor for a while as I put away dishes and ate.

Still not quite crawling, so they fight over their favorite toy and look longingly at it when they can't reach it...

Then the big kids realized I was home so I had to let them out of their jail cells.  And Cecilia had to spend forever on the potty talking about something funny that comed out of her booty or her cwotch.  But when I went back to check on her she had decided to flush and then dip a whole bunch of toilet paper in the potty to "Cwean myself off!"
NO.  We NEVER clean ourselves off with toilet water!!!

(Better than the time I found her drinking it)

So then she spent a long time trying to brush her teeth and I just didn't care because did you know that I'm tired

Then I put the babies down for their naps and gave John Paul a much-needed haircut that somehow looks worse than his hair looked before...


After (and after a blueberry lollipop)

And Cecilia needed HER hair cut because she wanted a lollipop...  So I put her hair in braids and trimmed the ends off.

And now they're downstairs watching Leapfrog because the babies are napping and I need not to have to answer questions like, "Empty meeeeans....?"  "It means it's not full."  "Not full meeeeans?"  "It means it's empty."  "Empty means...?"  "It means there's nothing in it."  "Nothing in it meeeeeans?"  "Just stop asking questions.  Please?"

"Please meeeeeeeans?"

Most.  Annoying.  Behavior.  Ever.

Can we order caffeine-laced pizza for dinner?  Or just go to bed at 7?

And in keeping with the theme of the day, the babies decided to take micro-naps because, you know, they got so much sleep last night.  At least nobody has pooped on the floor today?  Yet...


  1. Giant, empathetic, tomorrow-will-be-better hugs!!

  2. Oh goodness Rosie, this day's been a doozie for you! I'll be praying for you - hey, it's a solemnity, though, so you can get meat on that pizza! : )

  3. I know I shouldn't be, but I am dying laughing! You are quite the trooper. What a day...praying the next one (or 364) are much better!

  4. Hmmm...maybe a normal pizza but a dessert of super dark chocolate laced with caffeine???

    What a day! I hope tomorrow goes better for you!

  5. This is a Margarita night kind of day!

  6. Oh my...hope everyone sleeps really well tonight!

    And, I agree..it's a Margarita kinda of night!

  7. Ok, so I just realized why my blog is boring! Only have one child and she's mostly well behaved and not talking enough to say really funny things. Well, I know how to fix that, going to find the husband right now...

    But then again, I'm not sure if I want this kind of blog fodder...

    Hope you get some good sleep tonight!

  8. YOU DON'T DRINK COFFEE? I don't know how I would be a functioning person without it, especially given Sophie's recent sleep habits. It sounds like a horrible day, and I really really hope you got to have a drink or three and that all the kids slept well for you!!

    1. Seriously, I didn't know if you were joking about the no coffee, that is def a bad habit you need to pick up. I started out with drinking one small homemade cappuccino when my oldest was born, and have pretty much added a cup as each child came along, and I am just know figuring out that progression, no regrets!

    2. Rosie was raised in a disadvantaged household in that her parents do not drink coffee or tea. Only one of her three siblings managed to buck this influence and become a coffee-drinker, and that one uses coffee only as a wake-up drink. Rosie's father still does not drink coffee or tea. Her mother drinks it only when she has to stay awake to drive the car for long distances (farther than twenty miles) but prefers to take plain caffeine pills, because coffee costs more than caffeine pills. (It also tastes like coffee, which she can stomach only with a huge amount of cream and sugar.)

      Her husband and parents were all raised with people who drank coffee, but somehow it didn't take. Life is strange. Rosie has, in any case, somehow managed to live a full and meaningful life without hot caffeinated drinks. Who knows what the future will hold?

  9. Wow, WHAT a day! And I'm sure it was horrible, but this post made me laugh so much. Esp. the toilet scenario! Hope you guys got many, many hrs. of sleep last night.

  10. Is it too soon to laugh about it? Because I got some rip-roaring good laughs out of this one. I'm really really sorry you had such a rough night/day (why do they always happen like that?) but I am very glad you blog, because this hilarity made my day. Especially the most annoying behavior ever.

    1. Never too soon to laugh about it!!! I had to bite back tears of laughter when I walked into the bathroom and saw a very wet Cecilia sitting on a very wet toilet with pools of water around her and long wet strings of toilet paper all over the floor... Because once I saw that at least she had flushed first, it was pretty darn funny. But no way was I going to let HER see that it was funny!


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