7 Quick Takes - Pants-Free week 2

Friday, July 12, 2013


Nerd love.  Gotta love it.  Andrew and I are writing down our love story, because Grace made a link-up and that's impetus enough for me!  Well, I'm writing it and he's adding snarky commentary.  Story of our relationship :P

Anyway, Part I is up and it's gonna be a long one, folks - we were together for 6 years before we got married!  Also I'm incapable of writing anything remotely brief. 


While looking through old pictures of us, I found one of me:


And one of Andrew:

 So I think you see who Elizabeth takes after more clearly now?


John Paul is SO excited for his birthday.  He turns 4 on Monday and we're having his party on Sunday, and he absolutely can't wait!

He tells me several times a day, "I'm almost 4!"

I told him he was my favorite 3-year-old and he said, "Um, I'm almost 4..."

This is how excited he looks all day long!

I asked him what he wanted from Costco for his party and he said, "A birthday cake!"

"You can have anything you want to eat, John Paul!" Thinking he would choose chips or brownie bites or something...

"KALE!"  He exclaimed, "It's salty!  Make kale chips!"

Sadly, they didn't have any of the pre-cut kale so...  No dice.  Not baking him crispy flakes of death (seriously that stuff is nasty...)


My homework assignment for this weekend is to figure out how to do a link-up so you can all show off your most successful (or least successful) pants-free outfits, or just share your thoughts on your mom wardrobe, or really anything related to clothing...  I'm not picky!

Here's what I wore this week:

As you can see, not every outfit is always a winner...  If you're keeping score, that's Mary Claire 3, Elizabeth 2, John Paul 3, and a shirtless Cecilia cropped out of one picture...

And here's this morning - day 12!  Although I'm not sure if the picture I posted on facebook is better or not...


 Our garden continues to grow!  No pictures, but the pear tomatoes have started growing, peppers have started their buds, as has the zucchini, strawberries may yield a modest harvest, pole beans are growing waaaay higher than we thought they would...

I bought a variety pack of basil seeds and am now figuring out what the different varieties are - what does one do with cinnamon basil?  I really just bought the variety pack because I wanted lemon basil AND regular basil...

Shameless plug...

Do you use Amazon affiliates?  I order a LOT of things from Amazon, and I've been trying to click on affiliate links through mom blogs every time I order so that someone else gets a percentage of what I purchase.  But I forget who I've clicked and who I haven't!  So if you use Amazon affiliates, leave a link in the comments and I'll make my purchases in order of the comments left :)

And if you want to help us out (we're saving up for new convertible car seats for the twins, which is EXPENSIVE, yeesh!), click my Amazon link before you make a purchase and I think I make like, 4% of your purchase - so if you buy a $10 book, I make 40 cents!  Woohoo!

Also, if you want to Join Amazon Prime - Watch Over 40,000 Movies you can click through that link and I make $2!  Their selection of streaming videos has improved GREATLY, and I'm honestly not sure we even need to keep Netflix around because Amazon Prime has so much...  And it's cheaper monthly than Netflix, plus you get the free 2-day shipping!  Anyway, that link gives you a 30-day trial, so give it a try or don't :)

Check out more takes at Jen's!


  1. I've never tried cinnamon basil. but I bet it would be scrumptious with grilled fresh peaches and some whipped cream :) Great idea on the Amazon affiliate links, BTW - I think I'll do the same. I include links whenever appropriate in my posts, but I never remember to go through someone's site when I order - maybe if I make a list and just go down the line it will get me in the habit!

    1. Ooh I bet you're right - I have to get past the fact that it's GREEN and try using it in something sweet :) Maybe peach cobbler?

  2. Oh, I love Elizabeth's smile! My mom wardrobe is so very boring. Solid colors, skirt and scoop neck shirt almost every day in the summer. I have so little fashion sense. I'm an Amazon affiliate as well if you want to click through! I'll have to remember to do the same as you and spread the love!

    1. I'll make sure to click through again! I think I've done it before but I order from Amazon aaaaaaaaall the time so it's only a matter of days before I do again!

  3. Um, I think every outfit is a winner! I used your idea to convince Oskar that we need to drop some cash on building up a nice everyday wearable wardrobe for me, so thanks!

  4. I love all of your beautiful maxi skirts! I've been on the hunt for more maxi skirts this summer

    1. Me too! I only have one so far, the others are maxi dresses that I pretty much just wear as skirts because they're pretty much never modest enough otherwise!

  5. Looking forward to reading your 'how we met' story, btw we dated 8 years before getting engaged and married 2 months before our ten yr dating anniversary.
    Loving all the outfit shots, so much inspiration!
    Happy early Birthday to JP!

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  7. When I first joined Amazon affiliates, I earned enough to pay the ISP fees for my web site. They changed their policies to make it nearly impossible to earn anything. Good luck! Here's my link:
    Turning in the Light: Compositions By Deborah Kilmer

    1. Yeah I think it's easier to earn Amazon credit than anything else, and since I'm always ordering from Amazon that's pretty useful to me!

  8. You're making me crave a shopping spree! Stop looking so darn cute in those skirts! ;)

    1. You know, now is a really good time to find more clothes, practically speaking - you're in the post-partum phase where your body is starting to settle into a new shape, so finding good clothes that will work for nursing/early pregnancy/post-partum is a necessity when you consider how many times you'll be going through this phase!

  9. I'm am Amazon affiliate. :) I don't think I've ever gotten any money from it..but I am. :)

    A dr. once told me that they did an actual study and babies express the father's genes more and as they get older, they are more likely to express the mother's genes. They did a study of all these babies and their parents, and stastically, more babies look like their father than mother and as the child grows, that changes, but as babies, they look more like the father.

    I love your outfits, especially on days 6,8 and 12.

    1. You know, that makes a lot of sense - babies who look more like their fathers probably encourage fathers to stick around, evolutionarily speaking. Although 3 of our 4 kids look a LOT more like me as babies! Good thing Elizabeth came along, now I can be sure Andrew won't fly the coop :P

      I'll make sure to click through one of your Amazon links!

  10. How are your tomatoes? I have flowers on mine! And they're still alive!!!

    1. Starting to actually grow little tomatoes!!! My yellow pear plant is huuuuge and has tons of clusters of little green tomatoes, my green zebra has a couple of little ones starting to grow, and my chocolate cherry has flowers and a couple of tiny tomatoes growing (and that one has surpassed the yellow pear as the tallest of the bunch).

      I'm so excited to eat them!

  11. Hey twin mama! Thanks for your comment on my post. Glad you found me! Also, my Maggie was born 12/28/2010, so she and your Cecilia are the same age. :)

    Are your girls fraternal or identical? :)

  12. You are looking fabulous!! I love the outfits. Love them!!

  13. OH MY GOSH Elizabeth looks just like Andrew! I didn't see it until their pictures were that close. So cute!

    Let me just say that I am incredibly impressed with your no pants 'fits. I think they're all winners. I admire...

    I try to do the same thing with Amazon, too! I'm glad I know you are an affiliate too so I can click through your site! I am an there as well if you ever get browsy :)

  14. I think all of your outfits are great! Days 6, 7, and 9 are my favorite this week.
    I have never had cinnamon basil. Sounds interesting, in a good way.

  15. #3- the likeness is too cute! And I am a big fan of ordering from Amazon, so I'll try to remember to click through your site!


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