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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Seriously, over 50% off on my absolute favorite carrier!  They sold out pretty quickly yesterday but they keep adding more stock, so check back now if you haven't recently!

I get pretty annoyed about baby wearing during the hot summer months, but I honestly don't mind a baby on my back in my Ergo too much!  And since we have TWO babies, I got a new carrier for myself, and Andrew gets the old one :)

Take a look at this Black & Gray Petunia Evening in Innsbruck Carrier by Ergobaby on #zulily today!
 I may even try layering them for tandem-wearing,  although the straps are pretty bulky...

(My links are referral links to Zulily - you'll get $5 off if you're a new member, and I'll get a $15 credit!)



Okay, we don't have a pet...  BUT we have children, and they have their own bathroom that has a stationary shower head, which means any hair rinsing has to be done via bucket.  NOT fun for them.

But all the hose-type shower heads had to be going nonstop, even when Andrew was soaping up the kids.  THIS one has a button on it so that you can spray at will and it turns off when you're not pressing the button!

It's awesome as a diaper sprayer too, and way cheaper :)  


Hot fudge!

Sue's Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe

I REALLY love hot fudge...  I made some using this recipe for our 4th of July festivities, and it was sooooooooo delicious.  But it made a LOT!  So I've been using a tablespoon or so in my coffee in the mornings and it makes the most delicious mocha!  And it's delicious straight out of the jar (it solidifies in the fridge), not that I know...


This smile:

I know, I posted this picture yesterday...  But Mary Claire's little half-smile just cracks me up every time!  She's *just* not amused enough to open her mouth all the way - much more frugal with her smiles than Elizabeth:

Does this headband make my ears look big?

Toddler makeup

What's more attractive than a REALLY dramatic eyebrow on a 2-year-old?

Um, just kidding... 

I caught her using dry-erase markers to color on herself (for...  I don't know, the millionth time?).  

Me:  WHAT do you think you're doing?  WHY are you drawing on your body?
Cecilia:  Um, I just needed to make my hands bwack!
She shows me the palms of her hands, which have been colored mostly black, as if that's supposed to appease me

Thankfully the Expo brand washes off easily, unlike the Crayola dry-erase markers of doom that I seem to stain their clothing and bodies for approximately forever...  But I didn't notice the eyebrow extension until after I had washed her arms!

Not quite as dramatic as some (see below), but impressive for a 2-year-old!

Check out more worthwhile favorites at Hallie's!


  1. the eyebrow pics get me every time!

  2. Pet shower head; very interesting!!
    Too, too cute baby pics, loving the half smile. Went for Caitlin's 6 mo pictures earlier this week and she did not find the photographer amusing, I would have so settled for a half smile.

  3. O my gosh! Those last pictures are to die for!

  4. Bought that same Ergo from Zulily yesterday! We already have one, but with one due any day, a 4 yr old & a 2 yr old, I think we can use one more. Plus, loved the design!

  5. Literally cracked up at the baby eyebrows! So funny! (and I'm not showing Grace, it's not like she needs any more ideas...)

  6. I'm so out of the loop. I don't even know what zilily is. These five favorite posts are dangerous for my budget.

    1. Seriously, everything I see I'm like, "Hh yeah! Buy all the things!!!"

  7. You punked me with the toddler makeup! I figured there must be a twist in there somewhere since Rosie surely wouldn't be letting any of her sweet children wear makeup. I am a fan of the Spock eyebrows myself. ;)

    My back is a little weak so I haven't found a carrier that lets me baby wear for long. The ergo looks a lot longer than the ones I have...more like a hiking backpack?

    Hope everyone is well!! :)

    1. Sometimes I let her wear "blush" after I put mine on - she gets SOOOO excited!!!

      The ergo is a LOT better for my back than any other carrier - it transfers a lot of the weight to your hips, which really helps :)

  8. Okay, the bow above her eyebrow is the perfect touch!

  9. The pet shower thing is genius!

  10. I love the idea of that pet shower! We added an attachment with a sprayer to our shower. It comes with a moveable hook you can hang it on down lower in the shower. I usually aim it at the wall when I'm not using it, but a button would be even better!


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