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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just one of those stream-of-consciousness here-are-some-things-the-kids-did posts...

-  We went peach picking on Friday and picked 33 pounds of peaches.  119 peaches in total.  RiDICulous!  And delicious.  We've been eating as many as possible but they've caught up to us, so I froze 25 of them tonight for smoothies and am feeling all homemaker-y.

They only shoplifted ONE peach!

One of the best shots we got of the whole family.  Way to go, Cecilia.

-  And speaking of homemaker-y, the kids decided to gift me with MORE than 2 minutes of simultaneous nap time today, so of course I used that time very wisely to make tortillas from scratch.  Worth it?  Meh.  They were yummy, and really not nearly as much work as I expected.  And kind of fun to make!  But they dried out really quickly so we had to wrap up our tacos IMMEDIATELY after they were heated or they crumbled.  Anyone have a good recipe they like?  I would have taken a picture, but I'm pretty sure you know what a tortilla looks like.

-  And even MORE homemaker-y, the big kids "helped" me make pesto after their naps - I put their willing child labor to good use picking the leaves off the basil I harvested during nap time, and John Paul (after Cecilia almost immediately lost interest) had a LOT of fun helping me press buttons on the blender to get it all together.

-  Oh, baby bed head...  It KILLS me when they get it with so little hair!  Those tufts are just so hilarious!

-  Mary Claire seems to have more of a sense of humor than I thought she ever would...  I had to move the couch in front of the fireplace yesterday because she kept playing a REALLY funny game where she would wait for me to pick up Elizabeth and nurse her and then she would climb on the hearth and start climbing into the fireplace, looking at me and laughing every time she inched closer.  So now that it's blocked off, she has started crawling towards the bathroom and sitting in the doorway to play peek-a-boo with me, laughing before crawling all the way in the bathroom to try pulling up on the stool Cecilia probably pees on daily.  At least urine's sterile, right?

-  We finally decided to release our ladybugs from John Paul's birthday present and the kids loooooved it.  ALL of them!  Cecilia and John Paul sat on the step watching them slowly crawl out, and Elizabeth staaared and stared and stared, ecstatic to have figured out how to pull up on the door.  Mary Claire mostly tried to eat sticks and leaves that had been tracked in on the mat...

-  Elizabeth built that herself.  She's very advanced.

She wants to be standing all. the. time.  But she can't *quite* pull herself up on the lego table, so when we put her up there she hangs on for dear life and spends minutes and minutes at a time pulling various legos out of the pockets and throwing them on the floor.  Meanwhile, Mary Claire, who has not been interested in pulling up on ANYTHING, crawled over, put her hands on the edge, pulled up to a stand, smiled at me, and sat back down.  Punk.

-  My sister got the kids this "Holy Baby" DVD that has 7 prayers in 7 languages and Holy Baby, it is the trippiest thing I've ever seen.  The kids LOVE it.  Every single one of them.  John Paul because it has prayers and he can count them...  Cecilia because she loves the songs and the pictures.  And the babies because the thing is like a freaking acid trip!

"Hail Mary, full of..."  {random picture of bunny eating lettuce from a footed glass dish}
"Blessed art thou among women..." {long panning picture of a stuffed snake}
"Holy Mary, mother of..." {jack-in-the-box animation}

Seriously, what the heck???  But they LOVE it, and the babies will sit there for minutes watching it, so when Cecilia picked that as her TV of choice this afternoon, I was totally okay with leaving them in the basement for a few minutes to make tacos.  Because I'm a dangerous mom like that.  And because I knew nobody was going to budge when they could watch a picture of plastic ducks on a TV screen, or a creepy animatronic baby nun...

Seriously.  Creepy.  And they LOVE it!

-  July is almost over!  The pants-free link up will open tomorrow morning at 7 and I'm betting the competition isn't real fierce to be the first linker, if you're one who likes to win :P


  1. that nun baby DOES look creeptastic. My kids would love it too! Wish we could have joined you for the peach picking, but it was Xander's bday and so we decided to do some fun 2 year old things instead of child labor fun things :)

  2. I laughed out loud numerous times. 1. baby girl holding on for dear life and 2. the creepy baby nun crawling on the floor... too much. Too much!

  3. Holy Baby sounds like the most ridiculous thing ever—that is, the most ridiculous non-animate thing, because I think your children are the most ridiculous animate things. In dog show language, the video wins the non-alive group and your kids take turns winning the alive group. Then your kids take Best in Show. Which, by the way for everybody else reading this, is a hilarious movie—Best in Show, that is. A Mighty Wind is pretty darned good, too, in the same vein. And speaking of veins, wait 'til you read my pumpkin updates on FB! I keep thinking about John Paul's head when I measure the pumpkins.

    And you thought you had a lock on stream of consciousness. Where do you think you got it, huh?

  4. I have the same problem with homemade tortillas. Idk how they make them so soft in the legit restaurants. If you find a good recipe, let me know!

  5. OOoohh! I wanna go pick peaches!! Where did you go??

    1. We went to Stribling Orchards in Markham. Hartland Orchards is there too, but they were closed that day... Either way, beautiful scenery and not too far from you!

  6. I am from texas and have given up on tortillas, too. Not worth it at all.

    What are you going to do with the rest of the peaches? We are getting 150 pounds and canning them. My house is a canning disaster this week: a bushel of corn, a bushel of peaches, 20 pounds of chicken necks and feet, and tomatoes from the garden- fun fun fun.

    1. Can/freeze - I think the slightly more sour peaches are going to get canned, since the syrup should sweeten them somewhat. But I don't like canned peaches anyway - it's all for my husband! It'll certainly be an endeavor, but luckily they're ripening at different rates since I separated them, so we're getting through it all slowly!

  7. That DVD reminds me of this crazy Polish language set my kids watch. It'll show pictures or clips and play the corresponding vocab word, but every few minutes it'll play some bizarre clip. Fro example, there's one of a robot dancing with a flower, falling in love with it, uprooting it, then crying and planting it back. Another is a bird flying with a bowl of cereal on its back. To top it off, a lot of the sound clips are iPhone rings. So, so weird. And, yes, the kids love it.
    Also, those cute little girls are going to be climbing the walls in no time!!


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