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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cecilia:  Dis is a poop stwipe, just wike my poop!!!
Me:  ???
Cecilia:  *points to a stripe on her dress*  A POOP stwipe!!!
Me:  No, we would call that a brown stripe.
Cecilia:  A bwown stwipe just wike my poop!


Cecilia:  A dead bug.
Me:  Where do you see a dead bug?
Cecilia:  Um...  a dead bird.  In da water table!
this happened more than a month ago...
Me:   Yeah, but it's gone now (thank goodness)
Cecilia:  What did it say?
Me:  Umm...  Hi?
Cecilia:  *uncontrollable sobbing*
Me:  Um...  What do you think it said?
Cecilia: *sniffling* NUFFIN.  It's DEAD!!!

No, she's not dramatic at all.


We were driving when we saw a fire truck and ambulance pass...

Me:  Kids, you know what's a good thing to do when you see a fire truck go by with its lights on?  We should say a prayer!
We say an impromptu prayer asking God to bless the firemen and anybody who might be hurt
Cecilia:  Um...  Say another pwayer?
Me:  Sure Cecilia, what do you want to pray about?
Cecilia:  Da houses.
We say another prayer asking God to save any houses that might be on fire
CeciliaAnd another pwayer?
Me:  Sure, what do you want to pray for?
Cecilia:  Da cars and da twucks!
We say another prayer asking God to help everyone drive their cars and trucks safely
Cecilia:  And another pwayer?  About da puzzles in da houses?
And that's where I drew the line...  I told her she can pray about those herself.  Then she requested a prayer about all her puzzles before her nap.  Glad girl's got her priorities...


Just LOOK at those baby blues!  Britt, can you imagine the babies she and Peter would have?  We may need to guide them strongly towards the same colleges ;)

The half-smile she gives me all day long - it's rare that she'll give an open-mouthed smile anymore!

"Seriously, Mom?"

John Paul, kissing Mary Claire's head:  Grow some hair...  You need...  A hundred hair!!!
Me:  John Paul, she needs a lot more hair than that!  She needs thousands of hairs!
JP:  How many hairs do I have?
Me:  Maybe a hundred thousand?
JP:  No.  23.

Well, I don't know how to argue with that certainty...

They DO have swimsuits, they just don't always choose to wear them...


Cecilia, running to a fussing Elizabeth:  Oh, I will pway wif you, Ewizabif!
*picks up a foam letter*
Cecilia:  What wetter is dis?  D'you know?  D'you know what it is, Ewizabif?  It's a 'P'!!!


Cecilia, immediately upon waking in the morning:  I was pwacticin' my cowors in my EYES!
Me:  Oh, how nice!  And what colors did you see?
Cecilia:  Bwue!  And YEWWOW!
Me:  And did you see any shapes?
Cecilia:  Yes!  A DUCKTANGLE!!!


Cecilia is playing in the crib with Elizabeth when Elizabeth starts fussing.  Cecilia starts trying to shush her, and eventually settles on whacking her lightly in the chest, which seems to be working...
Me:  Cecilia, you're a good big sister!
Elizabeth starts fussing again
Cecilia: She's NOT a good baby!

Her attention *may* not always be appreciated...

Cecilia, watching "The Magic School Bus":  When I'm a bug, I eat bark!  It-a be funny when I'm a bug, for me to eat bark!

Cecilia, discussing underwear:  When I'm a boy, I wear boxer briefs!

Cecilia, discussing dolls:  When I'm a doll, I sweep in a box and dwink fwom a pink bottle!

You know, all those times when she's a doll.  And a boy.  And a bug...


  1. Oh, Cecilia. If only there were a way to test your imagination. I think you'd be way higher than fourth grade level.

  2. Susie is fascinated by her poop. The other day she looked in the toilet, saw two poops had landed side by side, and exclaimed, "Look! They're a family!"

    1. Yes! Cecilia was telling me all about the "poop family" she made the other day!

  3. Oh my. I just laughed out loud, and I rarely do reading blogs. That Cecilia is just the funniest little thing. She and Max should have a conversation. I'm pretty sure it would have me in tears from laughter.

  4. So funny! Yesterday, Thomas wanted to pray for his friend, "the twin brudders", and his toys. I thought he was being silly about the request to pray for his toys until I looked at his face and saw he could not have been more serious!

    1. Too cute! John Paul frequently thanks God for his time playing with toys :P

  5. Oh, that baby smile cracks me up!! I think John Paul might be experiencing postpartum hair. At least that's my excuse because I think I have about the same number. And your kids really ARE obsessed with poop!

    1. And my husband told them a poop joke the other day and they have NOT stopped laughing! We may have created a couple of monsters...

  6. Oh she is too funny. The bird?? I can't get enough! I'm so glad you're writing these down here so you can laugh about them for years to come!!!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing these gems with us, Rosie. I really need that episode of hysterical laughter!

  8. How did I miss this?
    Most excellent!!


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