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Thursday, July 25, 2013

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What's prettier than food?


I thought I hated cabbage, but we had a head in our farm basket this week and I was determined to give it a try!  The recipe is intended for winter, but our oven really doesn't heat up the house at all so I've been using it plenty during the summer.

This was SO. GOOD.  I ate 7 out of the 8 wedges.  5 of them that day.  I left the core in so that the wedges would stay together, and I used bacon fat in addition to olive oil.  I also cooked at 400 for about 45 minutes because I had something else cooking at the same temperature.

Andrew was not a fan (big surprise there...), John Paul ate it when I told him to, Cecilia didn't like it (because these days she ONLY likes broccoli and green beans), and the babies ate it happily.  But considering I would have eaten the entire thing myself, I'm considering it a success!

SO easy!  I do the spice rub on a couple of pieces from Costco and then freeze them until ready to use.  You basically just stick it in the slow cooker all day with a cup of BBQ sauce and have a delicious BBQ brisket by dinnertime!  It's so much more tender than any brisket I've had at a restaurant or barbeque joint, you get a really nice char from the slow cooker, and the leftovers are aaaaaaamazing.  One of my all-time favorite recipes!

Penne Caprese (my own invention, complete with a homemade pesto from our own lemon basil!)

Delicious cherry tomatoes from Relay Foods - if you're in the DC/Baltimore/Charlottesville area, definitely check out this food delivery service!  They have standard groceries as well as a LOT of local produce, meats, dairy, etc.  It's like having the farmer's market deliver to you AND they do next-day delivery!  AND if you use my referral code (2wf8vw) you get $30 off your first purchase (and I get $30 credit, which enables my cooking obsession so THANK YOU!!!).  Since they have local peaches on sale for $.99 a pound, now's the time to try!

These meals brought to you courtesy tandem-wearing - I could cook even while Mary Claire insisted on nursing!



I just can't get enough of her infectious smile!
 The other kids have great smiles too, don't get me wrong...  But Elizabeth's is really something else, with the corners of her mouth curling upward and just a hint of a dimple.


Cecilia wearing my clothes.  It's just too funny!

Chambray popover - Peep toe wedges - Brown belt

I think when it comes to "Who Wore it Best" she will ALWAYS win!


Elizabeth AND Mary Claire have both figured out how to climb onto the hearth.  They haven't been going for the fireplace yet, but I think it's time for us to gate it off or install a screen or something...  Anyone have something that works for them?  I imagine we'll either have to screw something into the wall or into the molding around the fireplace.

Happy Thursday!  Go check out other linkers at Like Mother, Like Daughter.  And check out what Auntie Leila has to say this week!  I loved hearing her talk, even though I had to slink in late after getting the babies to sleep...  She's just as lovely in person as you would expect, and her daughters are so beautiful!  I can only pray that I'll be as graceful once my kids are grown :)


  1. Cabbage! Baby dimples! Two of my favorites... but now that I look at it, a weird combo for the combox. ;-)

  2. That brisket looks (and sounds) delicious! I need to use my crock-pot more this summer. Our meal planning has been non-existent and I am tired of playing "what should we eat" at 5pm after work. That reminds me, I need to text my hubby to take some bacon out of the freezer!

    We had a metal, hinged screen that we used for out fireplace. Ours wasn't attached to the wall; it was more of a visual reminder. We also had glass doors as part of the fireplace surround.

    1. My meal planning has been pretty lackluster all summer... Partly because I kind of wing it based on what's in season and what's available at the farmer's market, but mostly because I've been too lazy to sit down and plan!

      I feel like we really need something that's attached or the big kids (or babies) will pull it down... With just one baby I could probably run interference, but adding another to the mix makes it impossible!

  3. Super Mom! I haven't tried tandem wearing yet :)

  4. I thought I saw you in one of the pictures on LMLD. :) So jealous!

    Hmm, I woke up this morning thinking about bacon (I blame it on being pregnant), this sounds like a good way to eat some without feeling guilty!

  5. And THAT my friends, is how you look so GREAT after having twins! You exercise while you cook!

    1. She also has skinny genes. Not meaning to brag, but I was skinny for a looooong time, I think even past having my third baby, who happens to be Rosie. (Did I mention that I'm Rosie's mom? Glad to meet you!) Even now, at 57, I look pretty good. My mother is 93 and in ridiculously good shape; I don't think she's ever been overweight.

      Besides, she runs after four children five and under all day, which is probably the equivalent of a gym work-out. And she cooks seriously healthy food. (She didn't get that from me!)

    2. I think it's more of the nursing twins than anything else! Now if only I could burn the calories solely from my belly fat :P

  6. Ha! I love Melissa's comment. It's true. So much of it is genes. But Rosie, you are a fit and cute mama!
    It was great to meet you -- thanks for coming! And thanks for all your kind words.
    Love the cabbage :) Turns out that roasting veggies makes them sort of addictive :)

    1. Thanks! It was wonderful being able to soak in your wisdom :)


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